COL1972 Fashion for Life Counters “Abortions Are Essential Masks”

Preserving Life Matters at All Times

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“Nothing can be less fashionable or glamorous than an abortion face mask.” – COL1972 Co-founder/Chief Designer Carla D’Addesi

Anti-life Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf, New York’s Governor Cuomo and Virginia’s Governor Northum claim abortion is essential and allow Planned Parenthood to remain open during COVID-19 crisis. Meanwhile, orthopedic surgical centers, pediatric offices, chiropractors, and dentists are deemed not essential, just to name a few of the medical offices and centers that have been shut down, laid off employees, and can not care for hurting people in their communities.

Pro-aborts are celebrating that their clinics are opened while the rest of the world is working tirelessly to save every life. A group called “We are Pro-Abortion” (WAPA) began selling pro-abortion masks on April 15 and celebrate what they believe is a win. Mask sales give back to abortion facilities. Masks are being sold on Etsy and read “Abortions Are Essential.” The mask description reads, “There is no better mask than a pro-abortion mask.”

“Abortions are Essential” masks

Culture of Life 1972 (COL1972) fashion brand disagrees with the message that “Abortions Are Essential” and is working tirelessly around the clock to counter with face masks that celebrate all life. Life-affirming masks read “Life is Essential” directly countering the masks made by WAPA that give back to a “Culture of Death.” COL1972 is the only fashion brand that gives back to pro-life organizations. This past summer COL1972 launched “1972” necklaces that countered the “1973” necklaces being worn in Hollywood that glorified Roe V. Wade. COL1972 also has “Unplanned” author, Abby Johnson, as their Global Ambassador.

Life is Essential

“We launched our “Life Is Essential” face mask collection Sunday, April 19, 2020, and have already sold 150. Our life tribe asked us to counter. We did not sleep much this weekend as we designed and even hand sewed masks. Nothing is more inspiring and stylish than a life affirming mask during a time with the entire world is united in saving every life. Nothing is more distasteful than a mask that promotes the opposite of life,” said COL1972 co-founder/chief designer Carla D’Addesi.

During COVID-19, when the world has united to protect all life via shutting down businesses and schools, staying home, and mourning every life that is lost, it is horrifying and quite frankly illogical that a fashion brand would deem taking the life of our children essential and stylish.

COL1972 is thrilled to launch the COVID-19 “Life Is Essential” face masks in cheetah! camo! hot pink! classic! and even vintage Handmade Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach Prints! This is our moment to stylishly share that every “Life Is Essential.”

The Lilly masks are one-of-a-kind made from vintage Lilly Pulitzer scarves. These are flying off the shelves and we only have a limited number in stock. Each Lilly mask is hand made by the owners of COL1972. Men’s & women’s pro-life masks available here at

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