MAGA Teens Didn’t Seek Out and Harass an Indian Elder

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Democrats Have a Strange Catholic Problem

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By now you have heard about the Catholic High School kids who harassed and chanted “build the wall” at an Native American Elder (who has a history of claiming harassment) and how this is the result of the evil Cheeto man and religious schools indoctrinating their students to hate, but is that all that is happening here?

In reality those kids were standing around waiting for their bus when a Native American protester approached them and started beating his drum in the kids’ faces. And throughout this entire one hour and 40 minute recording of the event. (the incident begins at around an hour and 10 minutes in). We can’t find a single “build the wall” chant directed at the Native American. Though we can see derogatory remarks made towards the MAGA hat wearing kids. (at 1:37 they are told to go back to Europe and that this is not their land). Here is some further reading on the media’s coverage by NewsBusters.

The Covington Catholic High School is standing by their students and may be suing MSM outlets as some lawyers have offered to represent the teens.

It’s easy to brush this off as just a normal attempt to make red MAGA hat wearers look like a bunch of hate filled racists but something else might be going on here. And within the rest the progressive movement that possibly started last summer.

Recent Spree of Anti-Catholic Bias

Last summer when Justice Kennedy announced his retirement most people assumed President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee would be Amy Coney Barret, leading some pundits into a frenzy attacking her Catholic faith as a ‘cult.’ This stopped when Kavanaugh attained the nomination.

Judge Kavanaugh, being Catholic was heavily questioned on his abortion stance. He faced heavy opposition by Democrats even before his assault allegations back in September. All this for simply for being a Catholic and thereby being a threat to Roe v. Wade. Though, now Justice Kavanaugh has sided with the court’s liberals in blocking a Planned Parenthood case from being heard.

More recently however and dangerously under-reported even by conservative outlets. Senator Hirono went as far as to demand that Trump’s judicial nominee Brian Buescher give up his membership in the Knights of Columbus, one of the biggest Catholic groups in the world. Senator Kamala Harris, who may be running for president in 2020, also took part in the Catholic bashing. This leading to Senator Ben Sasse to request the Senate to re-affirm its Constitutional duty against religious bigotry.

The actions taken by these two Senators may be a glimpse into the future if Amy Barret is nominated to replace Justice Ginsburg in the near future.

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All this combined with the MAGA Hat Kid incident shows a clear and strangely familiar return of anti-Catholic bigotry. Furthermore, what happens if this results in a loss of support from Catholics for Democrats?

How This Will Hurt the Democrats Electorally if it Continues

If Leftist anti-Catholicism continues escalating, how will it affect the Democrats in the next presidential election? In 2016 President Trump carried the Catholic vote by seven points. Fifty-two percent of the vote compared to Clinton’s 45. In comparison, President Obama won the Catholic vote in both his elections making them one of the only religious swing voters.

Pennsylvania and Minnesota, two states the Democrats need to win if they plan on winning in 2020, are 24 and 22 percent Catholic respectively. These states went to their victors in 2016 by single digits. The electoral disaster that can result from a Catholic backlash to the Democrats is not something to scoff about. Florida is also around 21 percent Catholic. If candidate Kamala Harris is running in these states how well will it go for her?
Her no-compromise pro-abortion stance combined with an open hostility to the Catholic faith could end up turning away these swing voters that would otherwise not have abortion as their top priority… thus handing Trump his 2020 re-election.

While Democrats and their compliant media slander their political opponents as racists they are clearly ignoring and possibly encouraging a resurgence of anti-Catholic bigotry within their own ranks. The ‘intersectionality’ coalition that Democrats need for an electoral victory doesn’t include Catholics apparently.

All this coming from the party of the first Catholic president, which broke a real glass ceiling of over a century of bigotry, now seems to be pushing for its resurgence.

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