Review: Wilderness Medical By Survival Summit

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When most people think of survival situations, they place themselves where they are lost or have a broken down means of transportation, far from main roads. However, injuries are one of the most common reasons for a survival situation. Until you reach a point where you are mobile, you cannot self-rescue. Thus, being prepared for medical situations in the wild is just as important as being ready to self-rescue. “Wilderness Medical” by Survival Summit gives you the first-aid information that can help you stay alive and get mobile, so you can better your situation.


Like most of Survival Summit‘s offerings, this program is designed for the causal outdoorsperson. It is not at such a high level that you need to have a medical degree to follow it, nor does it treat things so simply that it loses utility. The team ensured the format and content were applicable to almost anyone who enters into the woods, making it a program with great marketability. On a secondary note, there was no ‘gore’ in the video, so it is acceptable for children and teens to start learning, too. 8.5 out of 10.


The content of this series looks at several of the key threats while you are out in the woods. Avoiding the common “boo-boos” and “improvisations,” this video delivers a heavy dose of “if you are prepared, then you do not need to improvise.” This approach makes sense because if you are not skilled with the good stuff, what are the odds you are going to do well with random twigs and vines you pick up along the way? This deals with airways to bleeds to breaks, earning a 7.5 out of 10 for content.


While the video is made for hikers, it also extends it usefulness to preppers and other people who may find themselves in an outdoors environment. Knowing basic medical skills – specifically trauma skills – can make your situation more livable if you (or a member of your group) do receive a dangerous injury. This is not a program to make you a doctor or field medic; it is a training designed to help you keep someone alive till help can get there or allows you to get someone mobile so you can self rescue. 7 out of 10.


This is one of those skill sets that you hope that you never have to use, however, when you need the skills it is good to have them. Most of us will never treat a heavy bleed in the woods or have to self-splint to extract ourselves from a dangerous situation, but if we do, it is good to know how.

This is a very dry series. While there are some jokes to keep it lively, it is hard to keep basic medical situations exciting. Therefore, you really have to devote yourself to sitting down and watching it. If you are watching it with a younger group, make sure to break the sessions down so that people can pay attention. The content is there and it is delivered in the best way possible. 6 out 10.

Cool Factor

This video is cool, but it is cool in the “I hope I never have to do that” way. No one wants to think about a traumatic injury happening to themselves or a loved one, particularly not in the woods. But these things do happen. If you are going to be in the woods, you should have some basic first-aid knowledge. While it may not be the coolest thing to know in normal situations, sometimes things go beyond cool when a skill is needed. 7.5 out of 10.


This is a video that everyone who is going to be hiking, hunting, or spending a lot of time in the woods should watch. Further, many of the skills translate into an urban environment and can be useful to keep someone alive until help gets there. With an overall score of 37.5 this series is a must have for those who want to keep themselves and their travel partners safe. Survival Summit also offers some kits to help you get a good first aid pack started.

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