The Survival Summit Review: Into the Ozarks

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As you all know, Survival Summit is one of my favorite places to go for survival videos online. Their team builds efficient, comprehensive packages to introduce people how to survive in specific situations. “Into the Ozarks” follows in this great tradition of excellent videos.


“Into the Ozarks” is a mass market video, which means that nearly anyone could watch the video and pick up a few tricks. From experienced woodsmen and woodswomen to first time campers, the Grey Bearded Green Beret makes selecting your site, setting up, and getting a fire going simple. Regardless of your skill level, you can always pick up some pointers from an expert. 8.5 of 10.


Whereas most of the Survival Summit videos are at the macro level, covering the whole area of one topic, “Into the Ozarks” is more of a precision training. This video looks at setting up your campsite and getting a fire going. This is refreshing as the whole session can be watched in one or two sittings. The skills provided are useful in any situation, especially the knot work that is shown in different situations. 6 of 10


As noted above, this is a very specific video. It teaches you the skills for the Appalachian region of the United States. The skills are semi-transferable to other areas, but this video really shines when it stays in its lane and the viewer is looking at the East Coast USA region.

The tent making skillset does transcend areas. As long as the region is not too cold, the format of the tent can be used in most forested areas. The raised bed is specifically useful in areas with dangerous bugs or snakes. 7 out of 10.


While I always learn from the Grey Bearded Green Beret, sometimes videos can be too long. This one is not that way. Like a short story, every moment of the video is helpful to the potential forester. The shorter nature of this film allowed for it to be watched quickly and if needed re-watched. For watchability, this is one of the better videos in the series. 9 out of 10.

Cool Factor

As with all the Grey Bearded Green Beret videos, this video has the cool factor. The way Josh delivers the training in deadpan, then makes jokes in the outtakes is solid gold. The video itself teaches a cool set of skills that will make any wilderness adventure more fun. 7 out of 10.


“Into the Ozarks” is a strong offering from a company known for strong offerings. As a result, it has an overall score of 37.5. This is a great, quick video you can use to expand your skill sets. Definitely worth swinging by the Survival Summit site and picking it up.

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