Review: Mantis X Elite

Having a self defense firearm and being able to use it are two different things. With millions of people going buying their first firearm in the last 8 months, we have a large number of people who only know what they know from YouTube and movies. One of the key areas of development that new users need to take into consideration is their ‘habits’ while firing. The Mantis X Elite is a great product to help people develop those skills.


The Mantis X Elite is a broad-scale product. Not only is it designed to help shooters from first timers to experienced firearms owners, it also works across many weapons platforms. This means it is an excellent item for those who use rifles, handguns, shotguns, and even bows. Within the field, the Mantis X Elite has one of the broadest markets I have seen, 9 of 10.


As a tool, the Mantis X Elite helps shooters correct errors in their movements during the shooting process. Depending on the item you are using, you will have a different set of diagnostics for each weapon. To me, the shotgun mechanics were the most impressive, letting you see your approach, your fix, your shot, and your follow-through as they play out in real time. The rifle, handgun, and bow mechanics were also very interesting, but were much smaller in scope than the shotgun system. I learned a lot about my shot with the system, and I think you will too. 7 of 10.


With rail mounts, barrel mounts, and sticky mounts, this system should be able to be attached to any platform you choose to use. One of the key features that is nice with the Mantis X Elite is that you can run the system through live fire or through dry fire. (Make sure you set it before you start.) This means you can practice at home or at the range. Though it should not need to be said, always clear your firearm before any dry fire exercise, even if you were the one who put it away. 7.5 of 10.


The system itself is fairly easy to understand, with on-screen prompts that walk you through the process, it is kind of full proof. That being said, I did have some issues with dry fires registering on some of the guns with lighter trigger pulls. This meant that many of the shots were not registered. I did not have any problems with this during live fire. 5.5 of 10.

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Cool Factor and Overall

The Mantis X Elite system is a neat tool that can help you with your shooting when you cannot make it to the range or when ammo is a little expensive. It fits on your rail like your laser or your light, so others will not even know that you are getting assistance while you practice. Great little tool, 6 of 10.

Overall, this is something you should have if you are a new shooter or if you have plateaued and need some advice on how to improve. The feedback is easy to implement and really common sense. Personally, I believe it helped me the most with my shotgun form, but there were also issues in the handgun and rifle that it helped with as well. I am not a bow hunter, so basically, I am just glad it didn’t tell me to sell my bow. This is a great tool for anyone to have because we can always improve as shooters, final score 35 of 50.

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Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
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