Review: Survival Summit’s Gray Bearded Green Beret Bug Out Bag

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So we are are on Day 16 of of the 2020 election. The craziness has not been what people predicted, it is almost if the “party of peace and love” appearing to win staved off the riots we were threatened with, whoda thunk? Now we are looking at a drawn out legal battle and the possibility of the House picking the President for the first time since John Quincy Adams and the multi-party system. Whether you are worried about the outcome or not, now is the time to have a bugout/bug in bag ready to keep yourself and your family safe.


The Survival Summit recently put out a video on how to prep for a bugout (BOB) situation. As with most of his videos, Joshua, the Gray Bearded Green Beret, is very clear on what you should do, what you should not do, and why you should or should not do something. This makes the video appeal to a very large market. Even if you already have your BOB ready to go, you can always pick up pointers from people who are also working on this. When the guy working on it is a former special forces operative, that means he may have an idea of what he is talking about. 8 of 10.


Personally, I believe this is one of the better BOB videos I have watched. It details not only what you should have in your in your bag, but also how to plan your route and increase your chances of succeeding. If you have to use your BOB, then you are not in a game of capture the flag or a weekend out camping. The SHTF. This means you need to prepare to ensure that you and your family have the best chance to make it to your end goal. This video does this quite well and covers areas that other videos do not cover. 8.5 of 10.


This video, as noted above, covers areas that other videos do not. This means it is worth picking up to help you with areas you may be overlooking. My favorite part was the way to design, set up, and hide catches around your route to your bug-in location. This part of the video alone is worth watching. Also covering some of the basic level items that are covered in more depth in the other Gray Beard videos opens up new areas to novices. 7 of 10.


If you read my reviews often, you know that I hate panic monkeys. The prepper shows how people in full-on panic mode do not do justice to the seriousness of the situation. If you are using a BOB, then something is wrong. Panic never makes anything better, so it is best to stay calm. Joshua teaches this in a calm, collected manner. Even when he is talking about something very serious, he does it calmly. Every moment you allow yourself to panic, is a moment you have lost. I truly believe that how you practice is how you react when the time comes. If you follow the mood of this video, you will already be ahead of the game. 9 of 10.

Cool Factor

While watching a Green Beret teach you about operational security and preparedness is cool, this does not have the same depth as the other GBGB videos. This is more of an entry level video. While he still brings a lot, and I mean a lot, of information to the table – it doesn’t seem to have the gritty edge the other videos have. This is not saying that it is not as valuable – it may be even more valuable – but it doesn’t have the flash. 6 of 10.


Buy this video. This is one of the best BOB videos I have seen on the market today. With a total score of 38.5, this video is a wealth of knowledge that can keep your family safe during a crisis. Did I mention you should pick this one up? This is one of the better Survival Summit videos (they are all very good), definitely something you should have in your repertoire.

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