Partners in Crime? Twitter and Government

Special Portal Used By Governmental Entities to Flag and Delete Twitter Content

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According to the Gateway Pundit, Dr, Shiva Ayyarurai discovered some incriminating evidence that Twitter collaborated with governmental entities, giving them access to content and the ability to flag or delete content with which they disagree. Twitter, by collaborating with governmental entities to allow government suppression of constitutional rights has itself, by virtue of its actions, lost the right to claim status as a private company, protected under CDA230.

Dr. Shiva was instrumental in challenging the Election 2020 results by proving election fraud as a result of a study of the data that showed irregularities in regards to the switching of votes from President Trump to Biden. Votes for Biden were calculated by multiplying the votes by a percentage greater than one while reducing the votes for President Trump by calculating the vote by a fraction of one, or, in other words, less than one person, one vote.

According to TGP, Dr. Shiva learned that it was during the 2020 election cycle that Twitter worked hand-in-hand with Democrats in government to censor conservatives. Back in July, the Gateway Pundit noted that the Twitter was coordinating with governmental entities to censor voices with which they did not agree. What’s more, both Facebook and YouTube operatives engaged in the same behavior by allowing censorship of  Conservative speech by governmental entities. In Dr. Shiva’s case, the Office of the Secretary of State of Massachusetts interfered with Dr. Shiva’s free speech to express concern regarding election fraud that occurred in that state.

The Domestic Censorship Infrastructure

In May, Federal Judge Mark Wolf ordered Twitter to testify at a hearing, a case that will address the infringement of the Constitution’s First Amendment rights! As of July 22, 2021, Dr. Shiva filed a Revised Second Amended Complaint, including “the latest discovery of the domestic censorship infrastructure-a 24/7 speech surveillance system to surveil, blacklist, and silence Americans-created by the Rico Defendants with Twitter, Harvard’s Belfer Center, Department of Homeland Security’s CISA, and billionaires Pierre Omidyar and Mark Zuckerberg.”

There may be an end in sight to the cover that CDA230 gave to the tech companies, shielding them from legal consequences for the censorship of conservatives, supporters of President Trump, and those who seek the truth of the source and treatment of Covid-19.



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