Dr. Shiva Files Election Fraud Lawsuit

Statistician, Mathematician, Inventor of Email: One Person, One Vote is Not One Vote

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Dr. Shiva, MIT PhD, the statistician, mathematician and research scientist, also known as the inventor of email, has filed a lawsuit in federal court with proof positive evidence of election fraud in Massachusetts. The lawsuit provides mathematical proof that Massachusetts “Secretary of State used an electronic “weighted-race” algorithm to steal votes and commit election fraud in the 2020 US Senate Republican Primary race. Dr. Shiva noted in a tweet that “Regardless of party affiliation, Left/Right or whether you believe in #ElectionFraud or not, every American should show an unbiased dismay at the fact Electronic Voting Systems are embedded with a Weighted Race Algorithm so “One Person, One Vote is NOT one vote.”


Dr. Shiva has exposed the election fraud that occurred in Arizona and Michigan and has testified as a witness before representatives in hearings brought about by President Trump’s legal team to utilize legal avenues to fight the election fraud that will mean the end of our Constitutional Republic, constitutional rights, freedoms and liberty if it succeeds. The fraud that occurred during the Republican Primary elections was only a precursor to the election fraud that occurred on a massive scale, particularly in Democrat-run swing states and critical democrat-run cities such as Philadelphia, Atlanta and Detroit.

Weight Race Feature Changes Vote Values

Dr. Shiva’s research into the fraud has required a focused analysis on election machine programs, software and functionality. He has exposed the “weighted-race” feature and exposed the way in which the state elections officials had ballot images deleted. Paper ballots are converted to electronic images and the law requires that the images of the ballots be preserved. After exposing the election fraud perpetrated in the State of Massachusetts on Twitter, the Massachusetts Secretary of State, William Francis Galvin, contacted Twitter in an attempt to have Dr. Shiva’s  Twitter account shut down.

The electronic voting system software enables the administrator to increase or decrease the value of a vote by multiplying it by a decimal. One vote can be increased in value by multiplying it by a decimal with a value greater than one. The value of a vote can be decreased by multiplying it by a value less than one. In Arizona, votes for Biden were multiplied by 1.3 and votes for President Trump were multiplied by 0.7, decreasing the value of the votes. 

Moreover, according to Dr. Shiva, Secretaries of State in several states disabled features that link tabulated votes with the ballot images, making it impossible to verify the actual number of ballots cast for any candidate.

Watch the video below to listen to Dr. Shiva as he details the analysis that has exposed the manipulation of votes in the 2020 election cycle, possibly the great fraud perpetrated on the American people and enabled by bought and paid for government officials.

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