PANIC: Dominion Voting Systems Scrambling to Cover Tracks

Dominion is in Panic Mode, Attempts to Cover Their Tracks

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Dominion Voting Systems, a Canadian based voting system company, has been under massive scrutiny following the 2020 General Election in the United States. New Right Network has been following the story and has published several articles revealing connections between Dominion, Scytl, and Smartmatic. In addition, we have covered the “glitches” occurring in several key swing states that flipped votes from one candidate to another- in real-time. Dominion is currently in a panic following these claims.

Dominion has also been under fire from many elected officials, live witnesses, and the President’s team of lawyers. It has been pointed out that following the public accusations against Dominion they have boarded up their US headquarters in Denver, Colorado, scrubbed the internet of employee information and refused an opportunity to publicly clear the air at an oversight committee hearing in Pennsylvania.

Dominion Denies Accusations Via Their Website

Recently, Dominion has updated their website, which we archived for preservation. On their home page, they address the accusations and unequivocally deny any nefarious activity. Specifically, they state that “The canvass process exists to allow election officials to validate and count ballots that were unable to be counted on Election Day because they needed additional adjudication.  Dominion employees do not have access to this adjudication system, nor do they operate it.”

However, in the hearing held in Arizona yesterday, a witness testified that in the tabulation room, where ballots were being adjudicated, the only people operating the machines were Dominion employees. This directly refutes Dominion’s claim on their website. There are other witnesses and videos showing Dominion’s hands-on involvement in the election tabulation process, including the recount in Georgia.

Dominion Emailed New Right Network Twelve Times

Following New Right Networks’ investigative work on Dominion Voting Systems and the Hammer & Scorecard software application, Dominion has begun sending unsolicited emails to our public email address. These emails include the same denials listed currently on their website; the problem is that there is ample proof to counter all of their denials. The more they send emails and put out information on the internet, the more suspicious they look.

If Dominion would like to formally clear their name, the appropriate thing to do would be to bring their evidence of defense, under penalty of perjury in front of a judicial system. The accused are not to be believed on their own recognizance with no further investigation.

Further, with the existence of evidence including live witness testimony in sworn affidavits that are under penalty of perjury along with video evidence their denials appear to be nothing more than a panicked company that got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Only the cookie jar, in this case, was our ballot boxes.

New Right Network has reached out to Dominion for comment concerning these discrepancies and is waiting for a response. We welcome an explanation from Dominion to address these serious inconsistencies in their published denials as compared to the evidence that has been presented thus far.

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