Benford’s Law Declared Illegal by the Left

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The Edit Wars on Benford’s Law Began November 5th

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While still counting votes, certain elements seemed to have recognized a pattern and the war over the Benford’s Law entry on Wikipedia started on November 5. This led to Editors protecting the article the same day due to “persistent disruptive editing.”

Among the changes in contestation are Benfords Law’s use in finding election fraud.  While it has been used in court in several cases historically such as in 2009 as evidence of fraud in Iran, as well as helping in the US 2000 & 2004 elections the left has started trying to edit this article to reduce its significance.

At this time the version history page is riddled with changes as others continue to war over what official narrative will prevail.  Sadly this isn’t the only place on the web that’s decided that Benford’s Law is no longer verified science, but now it has spread to become wrongthink on social media.

When Sharing Science Became Verboten

Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit wrote and shared an article on Benfords Law as well as how it links directly to suspicions of Biden’s numbers in Michigan Sunday, Nov 8. Many people started to report that sharing the link would get them either banned or their accounts locked on Twitter as well as Facebook.

At this time the replies to Hoff’s warning of being suspended or banned are full of people detailing their own instances on Twitter. The Gateway Pundit also posted an updated article on others experiencing the same thing including one of their own assistant editors locked out of their account after retweeting with no reason given.

Twitter and Facebook Grasping at Straws

What is particularly disturbing in these bans and suspensions in social media are the reasons given, if they give any at all.  After witnessing reports, I personally followed the same process to test the claims.  After tweeting out the original offending article I found my Twitter account locked for 12 hours.  

A more curious thing happened when I received a report on the reason why I was locked out of Twitter. I received an email stating I had violated Twitter’s rules “against posting or sharing privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their express consent.”  This obviously was confusing as it is not clear when pictures of graphs and a statistical method became classified as revenge porn.

This is not something unique to myself, as The Gateway Pundit’s updated article revealed several readers shared they too had been locked out of Twitter and Facebook under the same ruling, Facebook even going so far as to label it “sexual exploitation.”

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As this and other events continue to unfold the social media giants have started reeking of desperation. Desperate times seem to be feeding dumb measures as millions of MAGA loyal accounts continue to assault their platforms and expose the rest of the populace to questions they don’t approve of. Fortunately for every dumb measure they implement, there are alternatives, anonymous accounts, and others that are ready to ring the warning bell.

Will Senter
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