#MaidenGate – The Dead Vote Wasn’t Enough

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in The Water

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Around 10:30 PM EST on Monday, November 9, Twitter user @SomeBitchIKnow kicked off #MaidenGate by recounting a story about her mother’s vote being stolen. Per the archived tweet, her mother relayed the news that her vote in Michigan had been stolen after she moved. She also reported her mother received a text message November 3rd asking if she planned to vote.

#MaidenGate refers to the discovery of votes using a woman’s maiden name in states in which she previously lived. At this time, accusations by the women previously receiving text messages asking if they planned to vote have been reported to correlate with some of these but have not yet been verified.

The hashtag quickly took off within an hour and soon climbed to #2 in California. It landed within the top 10 in many trending lists, garnering over 47K tweets by 5:30 AM EST on Tuesday morning. By 1:45 AM EST @Ali of Stopthesteal.us had tweeted out that women had been verified to have voted in their married and maiden names in two locations. Ali also stated a team had been assigned to help @SomeBitchIknow and that the Trump Campaign had been notified of this development, with law enforcement to follow later today.

How Voters Can Check and Possibly Help

The Twitter user @SomeBitchIknow also tweeted out instructions at 12:17 AM EST to help voters check their own names to make sure they were not included in this alleged voting fraud. In some cases, users have reported finding themselves with differing family birthdays within the results but other than one case, this has been not widely reported.

Michelle Malkin also helped aid the exposure of the hashtag by tweeting the instructions to her 2-million-plus followers on how to check. Soon after, the hashtag also found its own opposition. In some cases, the opposition suggested Trump supporters may be guilty of such a move and others called upon Twitter to censor the hashtag completely.

Twitter did move to remove the hashtag from auto-complete, a move long used to quash trends the platform finds troublesome. However, it has been shown over the years to not be very effective. At this time, the hashtag continues to trend strongly. Only time will tell how many people will catch on and spread the news as the world wakes up today.

The Story Continues to Unfold

As of now, @Ali of Stopthesteal.us has set up Maidengate.com for information to track this data and to provide information to facililate the determination of potential voting rights violations. He also spoke about this in a periscope broadcast and instructed viewers on what to check as well as how.

After reaching out to Ali for an estimate at this time, he has stated, “No one could have estimates on how widespread this is or isn’t.” He has also stated he has validated 2 of 5 claims he received over the previous 3 hours at the time of his tweet. The hashtag has also managed to draw the attention of others such as Jenna Jameson and several YouTube videos from those on both sides of the aisle.

NRN will update this story as more information becomes available.

Will Senter
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