The #MillionMAGAMarch Is Still On!

Time to Show Trump Your Support

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Update: It has come to the attention of New Right Network that Eventbrite is notifying users that the #MillionMagaMarch has been cancelled. This news is as phony as the news that Biden has won the election! The march is still on as planned!

On Saturday, November 14, in Washington D.C., patriots are gathering to stand together to demonstrate their support for President Trump! Trump faces an uphill battle against the forces and minions that put in play the tremendous voter fraud that impacted the outcome of the 2020 election. Supporters will gather in the capital to show a united front to uplift the president as he engages his oppnents in the heat of battle.

An abundance of information has come to light, uncovering the multitude of unsigned ballots, out-of-state voters, massive 4 a.m. ballots drops, dead voters and a multitude of other irregularities. Whistleblower accounts of United States Postal Service officials ordering the predating of late ballots have been recorded by Project Veritas. Information from Lt. General Tom McInerney has exposed Scorecard and the Hammer, the CIA software and computer that, originally designed to manipulate foreign adversaries, has been used on United States citizens, including President Trump.

The Hammer, Scorecard and Dominion Voting

The Hammer is a program that allows voting machines to be accessed remotely without detection. Scorecard software changes the votes at a rate of 3% to avoid detection and the votes are changed in microseconds. What’s more, in 2020 election cycle, the votes were changed to favor Biden. According to attorney Sidney Powell, forensic evidence exists that traces data that was changed, tracking its origin and destination.

Moreover, other computers were also programmed with software that changed votes to favor the Biden/Harris ticket. The Dominion Voting company provided the service for the electronically cast votes in Michigan as well as many other states. It has been documented that 6,000 votes for Trump had been tabulated to show a vote for Biden. This data was collected from just one county in Michigan. More information is being revealed daily as multitudes of counties across the country were affected by the system that erroneously changing the votes of unsuspecting Trump voters to favor Biden.

Stand for Trump and Against the Fraud

The list of incidents of egregious voter fraud that occurred are too numerous to name here. As Trump and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani begin to bring lawsuits in Pensylvania on Monday, November 9, patriots are preparing to gather en masse to show the president support. He has bravely fought against all odds to support Americans. Now is the time, at his seemingly most difficult moment, to show him the support he deserves. Come to Washington and show your support across the nation! Bring family and friends. Now is the moment!

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