Dominion Voting Systems, Hammer and Scorecard, and the US General Election

What is Dominion Voting Systems?

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Dominion voting systems is a Canadian based company that produces products intended to aid in elections. They have products for everything election-related including building the election, voting and tabulating, tallying and reporting, and auditing the election, according to their website. They boast to have “Comprehensive, non-alterable audit logs” as well as “Physical security seals and locks.” This company, whose US headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado, is one of the major companies that provide election hardware and software to many jurisdictions in the United States.

In 2010, Dominion Voting Software acquired Premier Election Solution, or PES, (formerly Diebold Election Systems) from Election Systems & Software (ES&S), which is another major player in the election hardware/software market in the United States. It is important to note that ES&S was required to sell off PES because of anti-trust concerns.

Who Owns Dominion Voting Systems?

It appears that a company called Staple Street Capital LLC owns Dominion Voting Systems according to Bloomberg. New Right Network is aware of claims that a company called Avid Technology is connected to Dominion Voting Systems but has been unable to verify that connection at this time. We are researching and will update this article accordingly if a verifiable connection is found.

Staple Street Capital LLC is a privately owned company based in New York. It is not a publicly-traded company so there is no outside ownership reported. Bloomberg lists the Executives and board members. This information is now available, but it is important to note that NBC reported in 2019 that these big voting machine companies had come under scrutiny for secrecy involving their ownership, security, oversite, and finances.

The name changing, secrecy, and selling of these companies that we use to have “secure elections” is alarming. New Right Network reported in 2018 on Diebold, the company whose name changed to Premier Election Solutions and is now owned by Dominion Voting Systems. Trying to trace the ownership and implementation of these voting systems can be a dire task, as the information is not uniformly available and leads to many dead ends.

Historical Problems with Voting Systems

There are several types of vote tallying that can be used in elections. Other than the traditional hand-counting method, digital voting machines offer a variety of options. According to Ballotpedia, these types of voting options are optical scan paper ballots, direct-recording electronic systems, and ballot-marking devices and systems. A list of the descriptions of these, along with what each state uses can be found here.

As with any method, there is some error that occurs. When everything is happening as it is supposed to, that error is inconsequential.

Contrary to what some might claim, software “glitches” do not result in widespread vote changes. Software is programmed to complete an action and in the event that something malfunctions, it would more likely present as a more obvious problem. When an issue occurs, like switching votes cast for one candidate to another it is more likely the result of programming.

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Following the 2016 Election when widespread claims of Russia “hacking the election” were being reported daily, our digital voting systems were brought to the forefront. We now know that the Russia claims were, in fact, disinformation. However, the Guardian reported in 2019 that “the Russians successfully breached at least one company [voting system] and installed malware on the company network.” Moreover, they continued that “Intelligence agencies expect cyberattacks from Russia, China, and other nations against America’s democracy to continue in 2020.”

There has, historically, been much concern about the security and vulnerability of voting machines. The same Guardian article cited an example that came out of the 2017 Defcon hacking conference. Computer scientists released a report on how they hacked voting systems and the subpar computer programming found on them. Despite concerns, specifically raised just last year by the left, the use of these machines continued. Specifically, in Georgia, it was reported that they rushed to switch over to Dominion Voting Systems in all precincts ahead of the 2020 election despite critics saying that it will leave elections vulnerable.

The AJC reported that Andrew Appel, an election security expert at Princeton University, said that “the touchscreen ballot-marking devices and optical scanners of the new system are easily hackable.” This is the type of device that Dominion Voting Systems installed in Georgia. Moreover, there was an ongoing federal lawsuit asking a judge to order Georgia to hand-marked paper ballots. The lawsuit “argues that ballot-marking devices could be tampered with or fail to produce accurate results.”

Dominion Voting Systems and the 2020 General Election

All of this information is important in understanding what is happening now. Post-2020 General Election there have been many claims of voting irregularities and “glitches.” In Michigan, a clerk reported a “glitch” that caused 6000 votes cast for President Trump to be tabulated for Candidate Joe Biden. Once this was discovered and manually fixed, it changed the outcome of the county in favor of President Trump. Another reported “glitch” in Georgia caused voting software to be down for several hours on Election Day after an “overnight upload.”

Learning what we have about these systems and their programs and statically what is true about software glitches, it is increasingly unlikely that a glitch occurred. We know that concerns about these voting machines, specifically the Dominion Voting System machines, were raised prior to this election by the Democrats. The vulnerabilities of hacking these machines have already been exposed and well documented.

The president has been warning of the possibility of voter fraud in the 2020 election for months. More impressively, the Democrats have talked about a ‘rigged election’ since 2016. They have highlighted the vulnerabilities of our system, demanded transparency, and heavily warned of a ‘stolen election.’ Even going so far as to advising Candidate Joe Biden to “not concede under any circumstances.” Given all that we know, it would be prudent to investigate any and all claims of voting irregularities, including ones that defy statistics like Benford’s Law, to ensure a free and fair election – no matter the outcome.

Hammer and Scorecard Connection

It is important to note the Dominion Voting Systems software’s presence in our voting system. It has been called out previously for being “easily hacked.” This software is used all over the country, including every single key swing state. If a computer scientist at a “hacking convention” can successfully hack a voting machine, then it can be deduced that someone with a great deal of knowledge would be able to do the same.

For those that do not know, Hammer is a software developed for the CIA designed to penetrate secure systems (like voting systems) without detection. While this was originally designed to be used only against foreign countries, whistleblower, and the person who designed the software, Dennis Montgomery revealed that under the Obama administration this software was used to surveille domestically.

This software designed for the CIA could have easily been used to access the already vulnerable voting systems. Used along with the app “Scorecard” this could have led to a premeditated attempt to switch votes. Scorecard works in conjunction with Hammer to change votes at a rate of just 3% during the data transfer portion of voter tabulation. The results would have been slight enough that poll workers may not have noticed the discrepancy.

Dominion Voting System claims that their voting systems have “Comprehensive, non-alterable audit logs.” Could that mean that a footprint was left that could be the “forensic evidence” that Sydney Powell, attorney to General Flynn, spoke about? As more and more evidence is revealed of irregularities in voting tabulation, it is a reasonable move to request that all irregularities are examined and an audit of all votes tallied through these machines be completed.

Concerning Connections with Dominion Voting Systems

Hidden in plain sight is the fact the Dominion Voting Systems is connected to the infamous Clinton Foundation. On the Clinton Foundation website, there is a “commitment to action” on the DELIAN project with none other than – Dominion Voting Systems. The Clinton Foundation has been under fire for numerous scandals in the past not to mention that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton herself has a stake in the present election.

Clinton has stated on numerous occasions that President Trump is an ‘illegitimate president’ and alleged that the 2016 election was ‘stolen from her.’  Moreover, she was the person who advised candidate Joe Biden to “not concede under any circumstances.” At the very least, this connection is odd.

Media Blackout on Hammer and Scorecard

With valid questions being asked about the transparency of this election, the media continues to assert that “widespread voter fraud does not exist.” This is after four years of almost non-stop reporting on “Russia Collusion” where the main talking point was “Russia hacking our voting systems.” Not only that, Fox News, who recently iced out their voter base by joining the left-leaning media, reported in 2019 that someone was able to buy a “key” of the internet that gave them access to our voting machines!

More evidence is being brought to light almost daily. Most recently Gateway Pundit reports that another “glitch” was uncovered, this time in Wisconsin that will result in a 19,500-vote gain for President Trump. This change will make the race in Wisconsin a toss-up although it was previously called for candidate Joe Biden by most major News Networks.

The mainstream media seems intent on refusing to acknowledge the voter fraud that they warned of is potentially happening. They have even went as far as calling candidate Joe Biden “President-Elect.” Projected calls by the media do not decide elections. When an election is this highly contested, the media should refrain from making calls. In the event that the alleged voter fraud is not only proven but swings the election, there could be major ramifications of this early call.

New Right Network is actively researching Dominion Voting Systems as well as Hammer and Scorecard. As we are able to verify information, it will be added to this article. Please check back for more information. If you have any tips on these topics, you can send them to

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