Big Pharma Harmed Trump’s Reelection Charm

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“The truth is, to beat the virus, we’ve first got to beat Donald Trump.”
Democrat candidate Joe Biden on November 1, 2020
Stated during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania

Gazillions of Guinea Pigs await Inoculation

The malicious media attacked and derided President Donald Trump for his continuing claim that a Wuhan virus vaccine was imminent as the 2020 presidential campaign was coming to a close. Within one week after the 2020 Presidential election had concluded at the polls on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, not one but two anticipated Wuhan vaccination proposals were announced within days of each other.

Alright, so who was lying? President Donald Trump? Or the conniving fake news that ridiculed and denied that President Trump’s claim was false, fabricated and fictitious? Someone or something is lying. Not one, but two Wuhan virus vaccinations are being touted as ready for clinical trial status. In excess of seventy million voters cast their ballots in favor of a second term for President Trump. Where is the chorus of voices clamoring for an investigation into this suppression of this vital information?

This conjures up two important unanswered questions: What did the media know about these Wuhan vaccinations and when did they know it? Did the yellow journalistic mainstream media deliberately ignore an actual medical breakthrough announcement that not one, but two Wuhan vaccinations were on the verge of being reported in press releases confirming all of the non-stop endeavor by medical professionals had indeed achieved a possible serum of relief to impede the scourge of this virus?

These two proposed virus vaccinations are not going to come out of nowhere overnight folks. Their public introductions come right upon the heels of the close of the 2020 presidential election. The only conclusion to reach is that the malfeasant media purposefully suppressed this critical fact in the closing days of the campaign. Now Biden is being lauded for the vaccine discoveries because the media will not recognize President Trump as having delivered on a major campaign promise.

Maybe the fact that President Trump signed a law reducing the overall costs of patient prescriptions explains why the news of a possible Wuhan vaccine was suppressed and delayed. Wow – did big pharma foul up the electorate and economy out of a good man running for reelection because Trump acted on behalf of the American people to save them money on necessary medicines?

If this dastardly act had been done to Obama, the left media would cry racism. Where is the outrage? Where are the investigators? Where are the Russians? So everybody is AOK with the pharmaceutical industry exercising immense influence to punish a President with eviction? Does this not qualify as an example of domestic interference in an American election? Biden could simply undue this cost saving measure to curry favor.

“And I just think that Covid is God’s gift to the Left. [Laughter]. That’s a terrible thing to say. I mean, I think it was a very difficult thing to send down to us, but it has ripped the Band-aid off who Trump is”
Radical activist Jane Fonda on October 2, 2020
Stated during a conversation with Maurice Mitchell on Working Families Party

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2009 Time Travel Machine

Conspiracy theories surround the origin of the Wuhan virus, its impact on global populations, the government promoted fear factor associated with its invisible death, and an incoming administration rumored to reintroduce another extended lockdown. Even laboring under the corrosive effects of the Wuhan virus, Trump’s economy was beginning to rebound even if the media ignored this fact. Taxpayers and business were confident in President Trump’s ability to lead the nation through this mess.

Now all bets are off on the recovery of the economy. Biden and his misguided party are entertaining the idea of raising taxes once he assumes occupancy in the Oval Office, which will certainly hamper the continuing upward growth of our economy. Biden has also intimated that he is in favor of recommending another Wuhan lockdown after he assumes the helm of government.

Neither the Bush Stimulus package nor the Obama Stimulus package offered any real relief or motivated the economy to move forward. Unemployed Americans did not magically secure work from either of these taxpayer funded expenditures. It’s a un unfortunate fact that both parties were only buying off a patchwork of constituencies so their party would not be voted out of office during the next election.

The left believes in taxing and spending. Clinton raised taxes. Obama raised taxes. Mondale never got the chance to raise taxes. Biden will most surely raise taxes. Compare Trump’s first 100 days of legislative action to that of Obama’s first 100 days of legislative inaction. Obama and his party were tunnel-focused on socializing medicine as its primary objective while American families and businesses were suffering during an economic depression. Trump actually endeavored to jumpstart the economy and succeeded.

Americans are hurting this holiday season. America needs to reopen. America needs to go back to work. American businesses need an injection of holiday capital. Raising taxes is counterproductive. The left needs to tax working Americans and businesses to spend more on government programs to buy the votes of those on public assistance.

Romney’s 47% is steadily growing. When will the USA resemble the fictitious Atlas Shrugged? Democracy is a demented form of government. Saddling our struggling economy with a detrimental prescription of unnecessary and unwelcome taxes is the wrong agenda. Nobody wants 2021 to be a continuation of the disaster that 2020 has been. The Biden * Harris administration could very well be embarking on another repugnant legislative path to ruination.

Chinese Misfortune Cookies

Nothing will become of Laptopgate now. There will be no federal investigation into whether or not the allegations of information found on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden will commence. The owner of the repair shop that supposedly discovered this material has closed up shop and gone into hiding. It is as if this incident never even happened.

Trump was tough on China. The Trump tariffs were controversial, but effective.  How will a Biden administration deal with China? With Russia? With Ukraine? With Iran? With North Vietnam? All of the proposed people being touted in the press for the new administration are a cavalcade of those from the past who have ties to the Obama administration. It is No surprise that these wonks are returning to positions of power in 2021 and it is major grounds for concern.

The Clinton * Gore administration was nicey-wicey with the red communist Chinese government. There is no reason to believe otherwise that Biden’s administration will not contest the improper business practices of China or castigate the Chinses government for their role in withholding critical information from the global community about the Wuhan virus before it ravaged the USA. How many days into the new administration will transpire before the media tags Biden with any blame of new American deaths attributed to the Wuhan virus? Better call your bookie and place your wager soon before Inauguration Day.

Ada Nestor
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