To Be or Not To Be Vaccinate: Can the State Force Us to Take the Jab?

The big question is, "does the government have the right to force me to get the jab?" The answer is no, not under any circumstances.

Gov. Ron DeSantis Rejects Biden’s Vaccine Passport

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took a strong stance against Joe Biden's plans for a vaccine passport, banning them in his state.

Big Pharma Harmed Trump’s Reelection Charm

Big Pharma harmed President Donald Trump's reelection chances by withholding factual evidence of two proposed vaccines from the electorate prior to Election ...

Ongoing Lockdowns: The End of Our Society

Coronavirus lockdowns are destroying the family, by prohibiting people from congregating, celebrating, or even grieving together.

California Senators Revive Bill On Sterilizing Children

California lawmakers cave to pressure from trans-activists and consider legislation that would fund sterilization of children.

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