Los Angeles DA Gascon Chooses Criminals Over Victims

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LA DA George Gascon hasn’t even been in office long enough to file an official recall petition, yet there is an effort already underway. Why? He has proven to be a politician that actually does what he promised to do. Unfortunately, in his case, it is destroying the criminal justice system from the inside.

Compilation of George Gascon Destruction of LA County

Gascon adds to the list of woke progressive district attorneys coming into power in democrat stronghold areas. This election cycle the progressive mega funder George Soros donated $2.5 million dollars to his campaign to help him defeat incumbent Jackie Lacey.

Among some of the so called “reforms” Gascon has on his agenda includes:

  • “Mostly” eliminating the cash bail system, because he claims it’s “racist.”
  • No filing of death penalty cases.
  • Eliminating sentencing enhancements, such as gang enhancements and three strikes, again because they are “racist.”
  • Retroactively re-sentencing those cases with enhancements, which could reduce sentences in over 30,000 cases.
  • Re-opening at least four officer involved shooting cases.
  • Committing to re-sentencing those on death row to life in prison.
  • Make victims’ services available for families of those shot and killed by law enforcement.
  • End practice of charging minors as adults.

DA Gascon often mentions he was a police officer who started the job 40 years ago. That makes his policies even worse. Why? He knows the reality of law enforcement and what criminals are capable of. The progressive agenda he is pushing on Los Angeles county does not serve the communities common good, it’s pandering for votes under the wokeness flag, plain and simple.

Ask any police officer, especially anyone who has worked in Los Angeles County, if gang enhancements are used on good people. I’ve worked in a gang unit where gang enhancements were common and each and every suspect they were used on was an absolute danger to the community. The enhancements have a place, and that is to keep violent gang members locked up as long as possible.

Ask an officer if eliminating cash bail is a good idea, or check with a New York state resident.

Ray Dietrich Goes Off On George Gascon

Gascon should visit the Men’s Central Jail housing unit full of juveniles charged as adults and meet these “fine young men.” Any ex-cop who is being honest will tell you each and every one of them deserves to stay behind bars for a very long time, and there is a good reason they were charged as adults.

How about retroactively re-sentencing 30,000 cases who received enhancements? I’m sure these fine men and women won’t contribute to the crime rate of Los Angeles County…

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But wait, there’s more reform to be had!

What’s the worst that could happen with declining prosecution of:

  • Trespassing
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Prostitution
  • Resisting arrest
  • Criminal threats
  • Drug possession
  • Minor w/ alcohol
  • Drinking in public
  • Under the influence of a controlled substance
  • Public intoxicating
  • Loitering
  • Driving without a valid license

It’s a new day Los Angeles County, apparently you don’t need a driver’s license anymore, you can walk around the streets holding and using drugs, can threaten people, fight the police, and sell your body for money. What’s the worst that could go wrong?

It’s a sad time as the progressive left is tearing apart the criminal justice system from the inside, all to the crowds applause. They do not know the consequences of these actions yet, but unfortunately, they will learn.

LA County residents, join the effort! RecallGeorgeGascon.com

This article by Ray Dietrich originally appeared at RedvoiceMedia.com and is republished with permission.

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