The Knock on the Door: What Is the Left Planning Next?

Pelosi Sending Capitol Police to States to Encroach on Citizens’ Constitutional Rights

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How absurd it is that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wants to send the Capitol Police to field offices in Florida and California to supposedly address potential threats against Congress. Never mind that the only real threats that were created at the Capitol on January 6th were masterminded by the Democrats and the Left themselves. In keeping with their plot to blame Conservatives and Trump supporters for their own crimes and misdeeds, they now pretend to protect the country from potential harm by sending their own failed Capitol Police force to encroach on the rights of citizens in their own states.

So, what nefarious actions are they planning? If anything, we can count of more of the same type of infiltration into the ranks of Conservative, law abiding citizens to (dare I say it?) create a police state that will allow them to crush any political opposition to the Democrat /Globalist Reset plan. If their past actions are any indication of what they will do in the future, that is exactly what they will attempt. According to the Gateway Pundit, “..what Nancy Pelosi is doing is expanding the federal law enforcement mechanism of the legislative branch into specific areas where they can investigate political opposition armed with legal authority.” And Nancy Pelosi will be working in concert with the weaponized DOJ to target any opposition to their agenda.

Dems Target Election Fraud Complainants

On another front of this war being waged against the Constitution and law abiding citizens, Dems in Michigan are seeking ways to legally accuse those who raise the issue of election fraud. In Anterim County, Michigan, one of the many focal points for election integrity issues, former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck and Attorney Matthew DePerno are finding the looming threat of police action against their free speech rights. State Senator Ed McBroom has stated that those who object to the election fraud are committing a crime and, therefore, have no right to free speech. One must ask whether those who are accused of a crime have no right to free speech!

According to The Western Journal, a Republican led committee issued a report that disparages those attesting to election fraud that occurred during the 2020 election cycle. The State Police in Michigan have now been weaponized to target those who have raised concerns regarding the compromised election process that took place in Michigan using Dominion Voting Machines and software. As noted in the article, “Michigan residents who make what state officials say are false claims about the 2020 election could end up getting a visit from state troopers.”

On Whose Door Will They Be Knocking Next?

And now, the average citizen may get a knock on their door by federal agents sent to coerce vaccination of the unvaccinated. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has sounded the alarm in response to Joe Biden’s announcement that his administration will be sending agents door to door to promote the vaccination of those not yet vaccinated, a violation of HIPPA rights and privacy protections. According to RT, “The door-to-door campaign, which was announced on Tuesday by President Joe Biden, immediately raised fears that people will be forced to receive the vaccines, which haven’t received full FDA approval.” Brnovich raised concerns that the federal government was amassing data on the vaccination status of individuals with a plan to target those not having received a “vaccine” that has not yet been approved by the FDA.

Time for Governors and Legislators to Act

Governors and State legislators must take action to prevent the encroachment of state’s rights and the encroachment on the civil liberties of law-abiding citizens. As noted by Congressman Tom Cole (OK), the 10th Amendment is the key to protecting states and their citizens from federal overreach. His page states “The 10th Amendment is one of the best tools the founders provided for protecting states’ rights and individual liberty from federal encroachment. The 10th Amendment Regulatory Reform Act ensures that states can challenge unconstitutional mandates before they take effect…”. The principles of a limited federal government must be in effect and supported at the state and local level before the states suffer the effects of a hostile takeover by those who seek to override all constitutional rights at every level in every community.

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