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What’s in a Name? The War of Words

The courts have failed because so many no longer serve the laws of this nation but rather vested interests. We must establish secure media platforms.

How the Cartels Rake in the Bucks While the Globalists’s Camel’s Nose Rips the Tent of National Security

Human trafficking: the Cartels' money-making method of choice and a path to citizenship gifted to the unaccompanied minors by the State.

General Michael Flynn Endorses Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer

General Flynn will be hosting a press conference showing his support for Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer on March 16, 2021 in Jenks, Oklahoma.

DeSantis: Democrats Put Teachers Unions and Special Interests Ahead of Our Children

DeSantis: The guidelines are a disgrace! Governor DeSantis follows the science to put kids first. So should the teachers' unions.

Italian Official Sworn Affidavit: Votes Switched from Trump to Biden

Testimony by Professor Alfio D'Urso in a video affidavit provides information obtained from a high level Army Security Services official.

Lin Wood Tweetstorm: Exposing the Plot to Blackmail Our Leaders

This is part of the larger operation run by 10 intelligence agencies that utilize the methods above to control government officials.

Hillary Invites China to Hack President Trump

Hillary explicitly called for China to hack President Donald Trump’s tax returns, noting that the media would gladly pay for the information.

Dr. Shiva Files Election Fraud Lawsuit

Dr. Shiva, MIT PhD, the inventor of email, filed a lawsuit in federal court with proof positive evidence of election fraud in Massachusetts.

Is the Great Reset the New Normal?

The Great Reset is intended to overthrow a Constitutional Republic, the greatest force to uphold laws protecting personal liberty, rights and freedoms.

Biden Presidency Cabinet Appointments No One Would Want

Biden presidency cabinet appointments: Radical Cabinet will force a Biden/Harris administration to implement the most radical of all agendas.

President Trump Reverse Engineering Psyops Coup

President Trump is reverse engineering the coup currenlty underway to replace a duly re-elected president with an imposter.

The #MillionMAGAMarch Is Still On!

Join Trump supporters on Saturday, November 14 in Washington, D.C. The legal battle against Scorecard, the Hammer and Dominion Voting starts!

Biden/Harris Three Red Banners: A Chinese Communist Takeover?

There is an eerie resemblance between the Biden/Harris Campaign logo and three red banners symbolizing China's takeover by the Communist Party.

Waiting for Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

A SCOTUS pick is within reach because, as Senator Blackburn noted, (the Republicans) "do have the votes in the Senate."

Supreme Court Justice in Only One Day

An appointment to the Court by the president of a sitting or former Conservative senator might be the step to prevent an American disaster.

Trump Resets the American History Standard

The president announced he will sign an executive order to establish the "1776 Commission" to reestablish an emphasis on patriotic education

Hijacking the Schools

We have been oblivious to the hijacking of the schools by the left as they brainwash our children to conform to their leftist ideology.

USPS Violated Hatch Act

The USPS that systematically violated the Hatch Act should alarm voters about the validity of the 2020 Election with vote-by-mail.

Kamala Harris’ Former Press Secretary Runs Twitter Communications

Nick Pacilio's direct link to Kamala Harris, the vice-presidential pick, and Twitter's use of unabashed censorship must be firmly addressed.

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