Biden/Harris Three Red Banners: A Chinese Communist Takeover?

Biden, Harris Campaign Logo Seems to Signal China and Communism

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There is an eerie resemblance between the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign logo and the three red banners that symbolized the beginning of the takeover of China by the Communist Party. The red letter “E” in Biden’s name on the Biden/Harris campaign logo is reminiscent of the socialist takeover symbolism of the 1950s. What’s more, they inserted it into the “For the People” propaganda logo. Their agenda couldn’t be more clear!

According to Brittanica, the Three Red Banners was inaugurated in 1958. The banners symbolized “…the general line of socialist construction, the Great Leap Forward, and the rural people’s communes.” Mao Zedong fast-tracked the conversion of agricultural land, seizing privately owned properties, converting them into communal properties. If you’ve kept track of Biden’s speeches, you may recall his promise to take suburban homes, symbolic of the American Dream, and turn them into housing projects. These activities mirror the Communist takeover of private property in China.

The Biden Plan for the Communist Takeover

As noted in the National Review, Biden and the Democrats plan to take over the suburbs and turn them into a socialist dream-come-true. Biden has promised to implement the “Obama administration’s radical AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) regulation.” Biden has shown his support for ridding communities of single-family homes, the suburbs, and converting to “high-density low-income housing” as the new enforced living standard.

As Stanley Kurtz notes, some tax policies have forced a relocation of suburbanites into the cities and moved the lower-income city dwellers into the suburbs (among other manipulative tax policies), effectively redistributing tax revenue, and Voila! If implemented under a Biden/Harris administration, they will have effectively forced the middle class from their homes and redistributed the socio-economic classes.

Just take a look at the riots in cities like Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis. Rioters marched into suburban neighborhoods, demanding residents give up their homes. A Biden/Harris administration would not be unlike current conditions in South Africa. And if you dare to protect your home, you might get prosecuted, as happened to the McCloskeys in St. Louis. The socialist Democrats are tearing down statues, infiltrating the curricula in schools with Marxist Black Lives Matter rhetoric, and rewriting history with the New York Times 1619 Project. This is all just another reminder of the destructive path taken in the past when socialists subverted societies, tearing down a stable system, only to build it into a socialist dystopia.

And last, yet not least, is the Biden-China corruption scandal. Biden’s links to China certainly are correlated to China’s support for the Biden/Harris ticket. Hunter Biden’s lucrative dealings with Chinese businesses, enabled by his then-vice-president father, let the gnarly reach of the Chinese grip on the world economy wrest an eerie amount of control and investments in every facet of the entire US economy, academia and military. So, it’s no surprise that the glaring symbol of the Chinese Communist Party’s revolutionary takeover is front and center on the Biden/Harris ticket. Kamala herself has shown support for continuing riots. A Trump victory is necessary to keep the nation from falling into an abyss, one from which it will not likely recover in the foreseeable future.

Three Red Banners, Kamala Harris

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