Church Lockdown Workaround: Christians Have Church inside Walmart

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You Can Lock Down the Church Buildings But Not The Worshipers

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When state lockdown protocols prevented believers from attending church services at their church in North Versailles, Pennsylvania, the body of believers found a way to worship together. Gatherings in homes for worship had been restricted. The protocols and suggestions of state officials seemed to portend the stifling of the freedom to worship. Yet, Walmart stores had not been shuttered during the lockdown, allowing for shoppers to mingle freely in their aisles. 

General Michael Flynn recently wrote that it was time for Americans to take action in the face of unconstitutional restrictions and other evil facing the nation. And it was on June 26, originally reported by The Post Millennial that believers in Christ took action and congregated under the only roof available and large enough to accommodate them: the local Walmart! The contagious fervor of the worshippers infected shoppers and employees alike, attracting them to spiritual fire that could not be snuffed out by state Coronavirus lockdown protocols.

The Church is Not Going Away!

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf had not officially called for church closings. However, religious leaders had followed the governor’s suggested protocols to keep worshippers from congregating, shuttering local houses of worship. This was said to have been done in the name of illness prevention. But it was Governor Wolf himself that had suggested alternative forms of worship! Little did he imagine the alternative that would be chosen.

A Pennsylvania pastor noted that the Church, the Body of Believers, had survived through more than 2000 years of adversities. Pastor Franky Rodriguez of Philadelphia said, “The church is not going to go away because we the people of God are the church! In times of trouble the Church gets closer, not further apart”.

In some cities, such as New York, Mayor Bill DeBlasio prohibited Jewish and Christian worshippers from attending services while allowing rioters to throng together in the streets without restriction. Lawsuits were filed against New York State Governor Cuomo and New York City Mayor DeBlasio and were won by the plaintiffs, the rabbis and pastors alike. As state lockdowns across the US continue to forbid worshippers from attending services or, as in California, prohibiting believers from singing, the officials will find that the unreasonable and non-scientifically based prohibitions will do little to squelch the faith and fervor of the believers.

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