President Trump Reverse Engineering Psyops Coup

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Media Falsely Calls Election

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The coup to replace a duly re-elected President Trump with an imposter by implementing a psyops operation is currently underway. In case you haven’t noticed, the mainstream media and Democrat/Leftist organizations are proclaiming Joe Biden the winner and President-elect. This is none other than an attempt to demoralize President Trump and the electorate who voted for him by a majority. It’s an attempt by bad actors to install an imposter by declaring Biden the winner prematurely when Biden clearly has not legally won. In certain swing states, the media refused to call the race when Trump clearly had the lead. But President Trump is reverse-engineering the psyops coup!

President Trump recently tweeted that he won the election. This is a statement of fact, despite Twitter’s psyops manipulation by adding to the tweet, purporting that official sources have called the election differently. The official sources to which Twitter is referring are none other than deep-state globalist influenced and controlled factions in the mainstream media, politicians in swing states who have taken kickbacks and bribes and others who have a vested interest in defeating the duly elected president, Donald Trump.
President Trump legally won the election!

A significant amount of concrete evidence has surfaced proving that a manipulation of the vote occurred and that President Trump has indeed garnered enough legitimate and legal votes to gain, not only a majority of votes, but the needed Electoral College votes to win the presidency for another term. Meanwhile, the mainstream media and tech corporations have implemented a bombardment of false claims, impeding the legitimate claims by President Trump himself and other legitimate news sources and legal experts.

The computerized manipulation by Dominion Voting Systems, changing votes cast for Trump into votes cast for Biden, has been exposed. That’s not to mention the hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots, conveniently all for Biden, shipped in during the wee hours of the morning in critical swing states. Let’s not forget to the dead voters who have arisen from the grave to, in a grand gesture of unity, all vote for Biden.
Evidence of election tampering by Dominion Voting Systems

Most alarming of all, it appears that the computerized changing of votes occurred in previous elections such as the election of Obama to a second term in 2012. This was addressed by President Trump during the 2012 election cycle before he ran for president in 2016. 

Reverse Engineering the Psyops Coup

President Trump’s statement is a step to reverse the effects of the psyops propaganda taking place to convince the public that Biden has won the election. Americans must not permit the unconstitutional and illegal takeover of our voting process by compromised parties. Americans must not succumb to the onslaught of a propaganda war raging to subvert the election process from being properly carried out. And Americans must not let what remains of our Constitutional Republic disappear before their eyes. If we desire to see our country remain a free republic, eschewing the communistic takeover by the Democrats and Marxist groups, Americans must refuse to surrender to the media psyops operation!
Surrender is not an option!
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