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Church Lockdown Workaround: Christians Have Church inside Walmart

The unreasonable and non-scientifically based prohibitions will do little to squelch the faith and fervor of the believers.

Medical Debt Plagues the US

Medical debt comprises about half of all debt affecting consumers and their credit score and is one of the greatest causes of debt in the US.

Beliefs: Proposing New Protected Class for the Civil Rights Act

The Civil Rights Act doesn't offer protection for certain classes of citizens whose civil liberties are trode upon, subject to workplace discrimination.

Food and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips and tricks to staying safe at the store and at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Develop strategies by understanding the virus and its attributes.

From TB to Coronavirus: Stopping the Spread

Stopping the spread of infectious pathogens hinges on understanding the mode of transmission and understanding of the body's immune response.

Digiceuticals: What They Mean for Your Health

Digiceuticals are innovative technologies bringing therapeutic treatment right to the patient using apps to detect health issues and treat patients.

LIVE Tonight: Flynn is Not Yet 100% Cleared But We’re at the Finish Line

General Flynn approaching finish line to be cleared of charges by the Justice Department in ruling by US Circuit Court of Appeals.

StressTech: Using Technology to De-Stress

Stress-Tech: New methodology for decreasing device induced stressors. Technology that delivers therapeutic treatment enhanceing mental and physical health!

Entrepreneurs Lead the Way: Advances in Medical Testing

Lifelong quality of life issues can occur because of an undiagnosed infection. Entrepreneurial advances are bringing new life changing testing capabilities.

Winning the War Against Leukemia

Leukemia is no longer a death sentence. Targeted therapy using genome sequencing, creating specific treatments that match patient biology offers hope!

Voting Hurdles Impede the Nevada Primary

Those wishing to cast ballots in the Nevada Primary recently were met with hurdles designed to favor mail-in balloting.

The Pandemic and Mental Illness

The pandemic has had many negative effects on Americans the past several months, but one has been largely ignored. Find out how you can help loved ones!

Who Lined Their Pockets with the Stimulus Money?

Trump's Paycheck Protection Program was designed for small businesses. When megacorp Planned Parenthood siphoned in $80M, investigations began.

Emergency Care and Coronavirus

Along with everything else that has changed in the our Coronavirus world, emergency care has been hit hard with dramatic changes too.

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Femtech

Femtech is a term for new developments in women's health. Mario Nacinovich of NRN interviews Allison Brown about it.

Public Health’s Eminence Emerges in Light of Coronavirus

As we are currently in the Coronavirus whirlwind of change, it is important to recognize steps to stay healthy because "health is wealth."

BREAKING: Did Oregon Steal Republican Votes?

A question that is looming is, did Oregon steal Republican votes? The "DMV issue" does not seem accurate as not all affected voters even went there.

Australia Demands Coronavirus Inquiry

With the effects of the Coronavirus felt in almost every corner of the globe, Australia demands a Coronavirus inquiry to uncover its origins and breakdowns.

Kennedy Center Orchestra Laid Off After $25 Million Aid Package

The Kennedy Center has laid off 100 orchestra members. This is AFTER it received a very generous $25 million dollar bailout funded by the taxpayer.

Rewriting History with the New York Times

The New York Times' 1619 Project is yet another effort of the Left and Globalists to rewrite US history. To highlight abuses and wrongs is noble; to rewrite it ...

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