Voting Hurdles Impede the Nevada Primary

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Long Lines, Hours Long Waits to Vote In Person

  • Long lines stretching for blocks
  • Hours long waits
  • Majority of polling stations closed
  • Voters still casting ballots the day after
  • Prime example of voter suppression

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The State of Nevada is making voting in person more difficult than ever! For those voters that cared about election integrity and wanted to avoid the fraud that abounds during the vote by mail process, there was another surprise. The long lines and hours-long waits during the Primary were caused by too few open polling stations. They are sure to discourage the number of voters anxious to vote in person in November.

If this is any indicator of the issues those wishing to vote in person will encounter during the November 2020 general election, changes have to be made. Or else Tuesday, June 9 is a foretaste of the lengths to which the democrats will go to impede a fraud-free election process. Any who want to avoid their ballot being changed or tossed by a corrupt election official or worker may now find voting in person to be an almost insurmountable hurdle. Focus has to happen now to have a chance at honest elections in November.

Most Polling Stations Closed – Few Election Workers

According to The Houston Chronicle, lines at the only three polling stations in Las Vegas and the only Reno polling station caused voters to have to wait for hours to cast their vote. By noting that ballots had already been mailed to all eligible voters along with two weeks of early voting, the Secretary of State for Elections excused the lack of polling places available to the public. Deanna Spikula, the Washoe County elections chief, stated that some waited up to three hours in the lines. The Associated Press reported that some voters waited as many as five hours to cast their ballot!

Mail in voting is not the answer to the long lines! Former Nevada State Attorney General Adam Laxalt told Tucker Carlson that he witnessed the fraud occurring during the election. Ballots were sent to inactive voters. Thousands of ballots lay in hallways, apartments and trashcans as the first mail in ballots were sent. The Coronavirus was the excuse the democrats used to make mail in voting the default voting method, but now making voting in person nearly impossible.

“It’s about winning elections and gaining power … here in my swing state …”

Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt

A New Form of Voter Suppression

As of Wednesday, voters were still casting ballots! Further delays are expected as the votes are tallied due to Coronavirus restrictions. For years there have been outcries by the left for the need to reduce conditions that impede voting. They have objected to the implementation of voter ID that ensures only authorized voters have access to the polls and talked about the lack of access to polling places. When in the past has voting been impeded because polling stations remained closed? Crickets.

The lack of a sufficient number of polling stations in the Nevada primary left voters standing for hours in the heat. It is sure to cause all but the most determined of voters to consider whether the hurdle to vote in person has been lifted too high. The decision to keep the majority of Nevada’s polling places closed left voters hanging. It is nothing less than a prime example of what can now be definitively called voter suppression!

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