Can You Trust Your Meds from China?

How Many of Them are Tainted?

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Incredibly, many 99-Cent store items are made in China. Food items, dog treats, toys, clothes and household products are all made there. Many contain ingredients injurious to one’s health. How many know that their everyday prescription drugs, dispensed by their local pharmacy, come from China? The same place where unethical practices and widespread data fraud in manufacturing flourishes! 

97% of All Antibiotics are Made in China

It may shock many to know that 97% of all antibiotics used in the United States are made in China. This is according to a US Department of Commerce study. As President Trump’s former Economic Advisor Gary Cohen noted, if China decided to destroy the US, they could just stop sending antibiotics. It’s a critical security issue.

One could suggest that the US become pharmaceutical-independent, as it has done with its oil supply. That may not be so easy, as about 80% of the raw materials, the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), come from China and India. The raw materials from which vitamins are made are often imported from China, as well! How can this be tolerable?

Cancer Causing Ingredients

Concerns exist about access to the supply of medicines, vitamins and other medically-related products. Some supplies of drugs from China are contaminated. In 2018, the FDA recalled a common blood pressure medicine: Valsartan. Alarmingly, generic versions of the drug have been found to contain NDMA, a product that has the potential to cause cancer.

Keeping an eye on the drugs is a job for FDA inspectors. Regrettably, they’re stretched very thin at this point. According to the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease and Research Policy, Mike Osterholm, it is a major national security risk. What can be done about it?

The FDA Can’t Inspect Them All!

Although the FDA inspects some of the drugs coming in, they only inspect a small number of them! Of those drugs that are inspected, many have serious issues. One can’t even be sure that drugs manufactured in the US are safe, because the active ingredients found in those drugs are manufactured in China. The chemical building blocks for antibiotics, vitamins and over the counter drugs are often imported. Aspirin users may not know that China manufactures 120 billion tablets a year, the majority of the North American supply.

The Federal US-China Economic and Safety Review Commission warned about the health and safety standards in Chinese drug manufacturers. A contaminated supply of the drug Heparin killed 81 Americans in 2008. Heparine, made from pig intestines, is sometimes extracted in unregulated family workplaces. As stated in the New York Post article, “Beware of putting anything made in China in your mouth!”

Bring the Manufacturing Home!

It’s time we not only ask the serious question of why the U.S. has allowed itself to become dependent upon drugs manufactured by a country that is, in every sense of the word, an enemy of the State. The health of our entire society is at risk. Who knows what the effects of contaminated drugs can have on future generations? What happens if the supply of drugs is cut off at some future provocation?

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President Trump has already brought outsourced manufacturing back home. For the safety and welfare of citizens and all future generations, we must bring back the manufacturing and production of base-chemical building blocks as well as the final product. The pharmaceuticals must be made again on our home shores to fix this. Our lives depend on it!

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