Why Are We Trusting A Nerd?

Bill Gates is Not a Medical Source

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During the days of COVID-19 (aka Wuhan Virus), we have had a clusterflub of information, misinformation, lack of information, and conflicting information. It comes from a multitude of sources, both national and international. Between the FDA, CDC, COVID Task Force, and even our own Surgeon General, information has been something that was everywhere. Yet, we are told time and time again, between our friends and the politicians, to trust the authoritative sources. We see them every day in front of our TV, computer, and mobile device screens.

Yet, throughout the recent days, social media is brewing up a maelstrom of content all centering around former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. He is a man with absolutely no medical acumen. Yet he is pushing for enforced vaccination, as well dictating how we should not have large gatherings until everyone is vaccinated. Again, a computer nerd turned billionaire with no medical background is telling us what to do and how to live.

Why are we trusting a nerd? Because he has money and a charity foundation? Many early on have touted the line of how could a businessman like Trump, with no political background, succeed as President and lead this nation of ours? The answer is simpler than you think.

Looking At The Numbers

One might argue that if a company is to make a large profit at the end of the fiscal quarter, it must run all of it’s business well. If the country is to succeed, the people need to also. In business, that translates to money from a healthy bottom line. Thus, President Trump running the country like a makeshift business has in fact turned out much better than anticipated, polls/op-eds/projections aside.

We have had the lowest Black, Latino, Asian, and female unemployment rates. Also we’ve had the highest number of available jobs, and amazing stock market numbers (ranking the highest they have ever been). Tax cuts have been putting more money in the checking accounts of Americans everywhere. Even the Bernie Bros and AOC sycophants have been doing ok.  

All Bill Gates has done is create a pretty open-ended computer operating system that breaks more than one would care to admit. Score one for capitalism. Bill Gates has a net worth of $99 billion. He set up a charity foundation to research and test vaccines as a pet project of him and his wife. The numbers of dollars in his pocket versus the numbers benefiting the country are not comparable.

The question is, why are we trusting a nerd for the solution to this pandemic? The nature of Trump’s business acumen is tangible. As a former real estate tycoon, among other interests, he knows business. Translating that knowledge means making the United States of America his “company”. We the citizens are his “employees”. We continue to get raises, pay increases as “the company” succeeds. This translates into more winning, as Trump is even halting the funding of the anti-American World Health Organization.

Only American

Regardless of being in a “global community”, there have been plenty of examples of unfair treatment of America. China tends to be the biggest mover in terms of unfairness. Consider that China did lie about their COVID death toll, transmission methods, and effects. Trump found it problematic that there’s more to China’s dealings than just exporting a pandemic-level virus. As the saying goes, “China lied, people died.”

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The taxes and tariffs on American products by China make our dealings with them beyond unfair. As China continues to basically steal from America, in terms of tariffs, American companies are leaving China in droves. From Apple to Nintendo, they are all leaving due in part to the exposure of China’s Corona cover-up. For safety and profit realities, they are coming back to home shores. There is a reason why many Asian-Americans are doing what they can to avoid Chinese products at their local H-Mart grocery stores. It is no secret that well, Chinese quality isn’t the best.

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