Entrepreneur’s Guide to Femtech

Words of Wisdom for Technology Startups

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Femtech: a fairly new term for an area in medicine that has long been underrepresented in women’s health. Funding for women’s health technology has sadly lagged behind due to a lack of investor interest. Now, with the gaining of patents for new inventions that focus on this long neglected area, Allison London Brown has achieved significant advances for women’s health. With extensive experience in the medical device sector, Brown has ably cultivated her capabilities in R&D and Fortune 500 companies.

Advances in Women’s Health

Considered a niche category just a few years ago, Femtech has seen amazing advances as venture capital interest rises in the sector. What these advances mean for women are more finely targeted and less costly treatments. Procedures that cost in the thousands in hospitals can be made available in the medical professional’s office with a significant cost savings for both payer and patient. What’s more, the age-old methods of lopping off part of an organ, rather than treating only the affected area, may be forever gone with new patented devices. Her patented Luminelle System that was created by UVision360 is FDA cleared for both diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy and cystoscopy, and allows providers to perform office evaluations at lesser cost.

Angel Investors, consisting mostly of women, who have the capital to invest in women’s health technology and see the financial potential, have been the majority of Brown’s funding sources. Ms. Brown guides the entrepreneur through the stages of obtaining funding and estimates funding dollar amounts. She leads the viewer through a general path to succeed in navigating the regulatory path, as well as the steps needed to bring the product into commercial use.

Watch as Mario Nacinovich scouts for gems of advice for anyone considering a Femtech career path, entrepreneurship or investment opportunity.

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