Should the Homeless Receive Benefits Without Restrictions?

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Trump’s Homeless Czar Doesn’t Think So!

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President Donald Trump added another accomplishment to an already long list of successes. He recently appointed Robert Marbut Jr. to head the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. Marbut is an accomplished troubleshooter who pioneered the successful Haven for Hope in San Antonio, Texas. 

Marbut’s efforts to seek solutions to homelessness on a nationwide basis have had a mixed reception. There are some who have countered his proposals to first address the issues causing homelessness such as substance abuse and a lack of affordable housing. Others, such as the officials in St. Petersburg, Florida, considered the rules and restrictions placed on the homeless seeking housing were too strict.

California: Too little, Too Late?

California’s homelessness has increased by 16% in the past year. Even though California’s Governor Gavin Newsome (D) presented a plan to create programs and housing to address this issue, it’s seems too little, too late. California has seen a giant leap in numbers compared with the nation’s average of only a 3% increase, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Numerous California cities have been overrun by homeless encampments which spread from business districts to residential areas. They are bringing diseases such as the plague and garbage-strewn, tent filled streets to these areas. The result is a degradation of the quality of life for all. While Governor Newsom and his aunt, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), hide behind their elite fortress walls, the rest of the residents of the state feel the encroaching tide of homeless camps throughout their daily lives.

Democrat Disaster a Success Under Conservatives

It makes one wonder why so many cities and states led by Democrats have failed to adequately address the growing issue of homelessness. These leaders have allowed their cities and states to turn into the equivalent of a third world disaster. This begs the question of whether they can ever overcome these issues. It does not seem any have a realistic plan for a lasting solution. One often used solution is to give bus tickets so the homeless can go elsewhere. Some think throwing money away to build shelters while failing to help rebuild lives is a wasteful endeavor. Yet, surprisingly, some Conservative states and cities have found the housing first approach to work in some cases. As those people’s stability increases, they are more able to concentrate on the matter at hand. Yet, it failed to show considerable progress for all recipients.

Additionally, it does not reflect the actual overall results in the nation. According to the Daily Bulletin, Marbut noted, “Since the country adopted a policy in 2013 that moves people to apartments or homes first with no strings attached, the number of unsheltered individuals rose by 21% and overall homelessness — including those living in motels — jumped about 16%.”

Work Ethic or Handout?

A comparison between the Conservative and Liberal approaches to the issue highlights the results of President Trump’s work ethic against the Socialist leaning Democrats’ empty promises. Democrats may promise the world, but other people’s money will soon run out. The homeless numbers will continue to rise unless lives are changed and the conditions which have driven people to the streets are taken into account. Examples are substance abuse, lack of counseling for vets, economic conditions, lack of affordable housing, and jobs that enable them to earn a living wage. 

Seeking to better understand their situation, Marbut embedded himself in Fresno, CA’s homeless community before designing a plan for the city. Fresno California’s Community Conversations Group disagreed with Marbut and his strategy of requiring the homeless to address their issues before being provided with benefits such as shelter and food. 

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Unless one is convinced they can climb out of the abyss and succeed, the strategy won’t work!

Many of those on the streets will pass through the revolving door of services rather than embark on the upward climb. Unless one is convinced they can climb out of the abyss and succeed, the strategy won’t work! At least it won’t work for long.

Roll Ye Away the Stone!

Dependence on a never ending pot of government gold to support those who refuse to take steps to help themselves won’t turn many around. Neither will it lift them out of the pit in any lasting way. Jesus commanded His disciples, “Roll the stone aside.” He expected them to do what they could do before He did what they couldn’t, which was to raise Lazarus from the dead! There’s something about requiring effort on the part of those that need help. It starts the ball rolling towards a more viable future because these efforts raise their self-esteem. It worked back then and it can work now under Marbut’s direction.

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