BREAKING: Did Oregon Steal Republican Votes?

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Vote By Mail: The Fraud Starts!

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Oregon voters affiliated with the Republican Party had a shock when they received their mail-in ballot forms. According to The Gateway Pundit, voters affiliated with the Republican Party had their party affiliation changed to non-affiliated. The changes were made without the voter request and without their permission. Some Republican voters reported their ballot had been changed to the wrong party: Democrat! Others who reported they switched their affiliation back to Republican saw the affiliation changed back to non-affiliated. With all this, did Oregon steal Republican votes? It is a serious question that requires immediate attention.

What this means for those Republican voters is they can no longer choose a candidate for their Party. Un-affiliated voters can only vote for local elections such as judge seats and ballot measures. Worse yet, the date to change party affiliation was April 27, 2020, too late for correction to be made for most for the voting date: Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

Oregon Rep Nearman (R) Addressed the Issue

Oregon State Representative Mike Nearman (R) addressed the issue on the air with Lars Larsen. Noting some have reportedly attributed the changes to erroneous DMV filings, the circumstances under which the changes were made are, nonetheless, suspicious. Most of the changes made to the Republican ballots were made without the voter having visited the DMV.

An Oregon Public Broadcasting report noted in January many voters had switched to non-affiliated after having visited the DMV due to the DMV automatically registering voters as non-affiliated, only later sending a postcard informing voters of the option to change. Nevertheless, most of the Republicans whose status was changed say they had not visited the DMV, nor had they made any changes with the entity. And the automatic change notification postcards never sent!

Democratic Voters Unaffected!

Curiously, it appears there have been no complaints from Democratic voters that their party affiliation has been changed without permission. On the other hand, many Republicans are raising their voices. A Facebook group called “My Party Was Changed Oregon” has started and numerous complaints have reached Representative Nearman’s ears. 

Votes in Oregon are now only accepted through mail-in voting. Yes, folks! What we have is a shining example of what the push for mail in voting will look like nationwide if the Democrats have their way! As of today, little has been published regarding this apparent blatant voter fraud, and we have seen other types of voter fraud before. One wonders whether the cover-up is intentional. 

Affected? File a Complaint

So, did Oregon steal Republican votes or was it an honest mistake? Not sure, but as noted in The Gateway Pundit, there are steps that you can take if your civil rights have been violated. A complaint can be filed with the Civil Rights Division of the FBI or with the civil rights division of the Department of Justice. If you have been affected or know of others who have been, contact your Representatives and Senators.

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