StressTech: Using Technology to De-Stress

Tips and Strategies for Using Your Favorite Devices for Better Health

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It’s a fact that technology we use has contributed to increased levels of stress. Social media and assorted apps on our devices are constant clingy companions. Too often, the addition of the social media environment to the daily routine adds to the most common unavoidable stressors. It is not often considered that, with wise choices, the same technology can become a healthy and positive tool for our well being rather than a negative influence.

As the healthcare industry revolutionizes to become more customer focused, it is utilizing innovations in technology that have expanded the delivery of health care. Medical devices and software capable of delivering therapeutic care on mobile and other devices are an effective tool in the medical provider portfolio. Telemedicine service usage has jumped during the current Coronavirus environment, soon to become a staple and mainstay of the future. StressTech’s innovative health solutions help to maintain wellness and can deliver therapeutic treatment right to the user. While there has often been a gap in the area of mental health, technology is able to link the caregivers, family and community to the sources that bring solutions.

Start de-stressing by learning what triggers stress in your lifestyle. Ask yourself a few simple questions. Name the two major stress triggers in your life. Eat well, sleep well, exercise and breathe well; learn to recognize when you’ve become overwhelmed! StressTech will help you develop resilience, boosting your immunity by achieving a healthier level of stress.

You can change your digital lifestyle so that it’s supportive rather than damaging. StressTech can use technology you’re comfortable using. Check your device preferences, channels and content and use it to filter out the unhealthy and let in the good. By consciously and carefully rethinking device usage, technology can become a healthy choice!

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