Entrepreneurs Lead the Way: Advances in Medical Testing

Targeted Testing May Help Prevent Lifelong Quality of Life Issues

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There had been for many years a misunderstanding among those in the medical profession who embraced what is now known as the Original Germ Theory. It was thought that pathogens only infected the human body when creating an acute condition. Today it is known that humans and bacteria often have a symbiotic relationship. It is under certain conditions that the infection becomes acute, often when the intersection of other varying health conditions opens the door for a pathogen to take hold and multiply. 

As in the current Coronavirus pandemic, humans can be colonized by viruses or bacteria while remaining asymptomatic. Many can have a virus but will have no symptoms until the right conditions occur. Other diseases and infections may be harder to diagnose. Using the correct type of test to diagnose an illness may be limited by a physician’s ability to ask the right questions and then choose the indicated test that will target a certain pathogen.

As good as doctors are today, not all regularly ask their patients all the right questions in order to diagnose a disease that may be less common such as those caused by flea or tick infestations. It’s quite common for pet owners to contract the diseases borne by vectors on their pets. Long lasting effects that take a toll on the quality of life can arise because a correct diagnosis was not made when the original infection occurred.

As new entrepreneurial enterprises arise in the medical testing field, new and better testing methods are coming to the forefront. Highly targeted therapies are being developed so pathogens can be diagnosed much more quickly and with greater accuracy. The pathogens that can lead to years of painful arthritis or even cancers will be detected, diagnosed and treated with greater success. 

Learn about the new entrepreneurial endeavors that are making the long awaited advances. Watch the Stealth on Health Episode 8 video below!

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