Insane in the Ukraine: $5.3 Billion Missing Foreign Aid

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Mayor Giuliani Opens the Can of Worms

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Perhaps others have wondered how it is that billionaires seem so prevalent in politics. Ones such as Soros, the Russian oligarchs, and certain persons in the American political arena. Fortunes they distribute around to those willing to do their bidding are evident. Others have wondered what it is that makes certain members of Congress so persistent in trying to impeach President Trump. In the pursuit of that goal, they prosecute his associates and some true patriots and loyalists, such as General Michael Flynn. 

The Most Corrupt Administration

One would have to unravel the intricately-woven threads of collusion of the previous administration, not President Trump’s, to find it. The complicit press would have you believe otherwise. You would find those links in relation to those who have been attempting to cover for their own criminal actions. They do so by engaging in conduct that exemplifies the excuse: “fundamental attribution error”. Excusing their own guilty actions while placing blame on the innocent!

They would find the evidence in the stories of witnesses to that corruption and of perhaps, the most corrupt administration in US history, that of President Obama. Someone has immersed himself in the muck and mire of international intrigue. He works to reveal the many networks of collusion and corruption in the spheres and congruent circles of the elites. That man is the former New York City Mayor and former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Rudy Giuliani.

Mr. Giuliani, who also currently serves as President Donald Trump’s legal counsel, has embarked on a dangerous journey. He seeks to uncover the tangled network of associations between the corrupt Ukrainian elites and United States politicians. Who, having betrayed their countries and peoples, sought to enrich themselves and destroy those who would expose their machinations. It is a lot of hard work with many obstacles.

Common Sense: Giuliani’s Expose

Giuliani’s detailed expose is about the manipulation of and interference with the former Ukraine Prosecutor, Viktor Shokin’s corruption investigation. He was investigating Vice President Joe Biden and the laundered payments to him and his son Hunter Biden. Details can be found on his website, Common Sense. Furthermore, while investigating the above documented corruption, Mayor Giuliani has uncovered links between Soros-run Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the United States Embassy mission to the Ukraine, formerly headed by Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch. The same former Ambassador Yovanovitch seen recently offering paltry testimony as an attempt at retribution for President Trump’s justified firing. 

Trump: Faithfully Executing the Law

Trump’s action in fulfilling his duty to faithfully execute the law was seen as a response to the ongoing complicit nature of the Embassy’s involvement with oligarch and Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky. Along with the Embassy’s continued aiding and abetting of the enrichment of George Soros’ NGO initiatives. Initiatives resulting in nothing more than profiting left-leaning organizations that leach off the American taxpayer. All the while plotting the ultimate overthrow of Western society’s principled foundations and governments for their own profit.

The American Taxpayer: the Soros and Friend’s Pot of Gold

How did the enrichment of the Soros’ organizations and the Burisma head occur? At the expense of the American taxpayers, who donated more then 5.3 billion dollars in foreign aid! The scoundrels absconded with the funds meant for the Ukrainian people. In exchange for their untouchable status, former Vice-President Joe Biden was the recipient of payoffs, as was his son Hunter, also at the expense of the American taxpayer.

The American people must ask whether or not those so adamantly defending those engaging in corrupt practices have not also partaken of the American taxpayers’ misappropriated funds. Mayor Giuliani’s alarming expose can be found on his website. He opens the public’s eyes to the behind-the-scenes connections and sources so adeptly hidden by mainstream media and their puppeteers, the global elite. American citizens should take note, demanding their representatives and all politicians take appropriate action, lest continuing corruption further damage the nation’s integrity.

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