LIVE Tonight: Flynn is Not Yet 100% Cleared But We’re at the Finish Line

Appeals Court Upholds Justice Department Decision

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After a harrowing halt by US District Judge Emmett Sullivan to the dismissal of the charges in May against General Flynn, an appeals court has, in a 2-1 decision, ruled in favor of the Justice Department’s decision to dismiss the charges. According to the Associated Press, The US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia decided in favor of the Justice Department decision to drop the charges against General Flynn, making of none effect the attempt by Sullivan to impede justice for Flynn.

One of the appeals court judges commented on the irregularities in Judge Emmett Sullivan’s attempt to stop the dismissal of the charges. Judge Neomi Rao, a Trump appointee to the US Circuit Court of Appeals, inferred that Sullivan had gone beyond his authority when he took action that was contrary to the Justice Department’s decision in the case. Rao noted that this case did not fall under the standards that would necessitate further review.

Supporting Judge Rao in her ruling was Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson. Rao wrote in her opinion “Our precedents emphatically leave prosecutorial charging decisions to the Executive Branch and hold that a court may scrutinize a motion to dismiss only on the extraordinary showing of harassment of the defendant or malfeasance such as bribery — neither of which is manifest in the record before the district court.” The Justice Department ruling favored General Flynn, making the objections to the ruling by Sullivan appear to be a deliberate attempt to continue the case against the defendant rather than an attempt to halt an erroneous proceeding by the Justice Department.

According Joseph Flynn, the brother of General Flynn, he is not yet out of the deep water. Today, Joe Flynn told NRN, “Judge Sullivan needs to sign the dismissal notice” in order for General Flynn to be 100% cleared. According to the Clear Flynn Now movement and website, evidence was obtained “proving that General Flynn was framed and put in a position where he couldn’t share information with the VP due to a conspiracy to interfere with new administration.” 

General Flynn, his supporters and the Justice Department have seen a just ruling in this case. The document is waiting for Judge Sullivan’s signature.

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