Digiceuticals: What They Mean for Your Health

Innovations That Bring Therapeutic Treatment to You

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Innovations surge as the demand and needs arise but, more often than not, they move forward slowly. The Coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new era in which innovation in the healthcare industry is accelerating at an unparalleled pace. Many of the changes currently seen in the delivery of healthcare will become more common in their usage as healthcare providers and patients become seasoned in the use of the new and radically different digital therapeutics and digiceutical technology.

With the exception of patients that require face-to-face examinations for acute care, the virtual visit has shifted the experience to the digital forum. According to Naomi Fried, PhD, the innovation in healthcare delivery “…leverages hardware and software to deliver care and information to patients and providers in a way that’s more convenient, cost effective and personalized.” Certainly an in-app meeting with a primary care physician saves hours of waiting room time. Costs for both patient and provider are lowered and can often be used without lowering the standard of care.

Other not yet common healthcare delivery methods are in the works and undergoing the rigorous scrutiny of the FDA. Clinical trials are held to scrutinize the effectiveness of apps and games that deliver therapeutic care. The pharmaceutical industry will likely soon embrace the digiceuticals: therapies administered through software that can be used to treat depression and ADHD and keep medical practitioners abreast of patient needs. Digiceutical software will be able to detect concussions, cognitive impairment and even predict the onset of epileptic seizures.

Cancer is best treated when it is diagnosed in the early stages. Screening for pancreatic cancer can be done using a smart phone as bilirubin can now be detected at lower levels, before the disease has progressed to later stages. As virtual visits, virtual surgery and in home hospitalizations become more common, the healthcare industry will become more consumer and patient focused to create a more effective delivery system patients will appreciate.

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