Waiting for Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

Tension Mounts as Saturday Approaches

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The high level of emotion surrounding the appointment of the newest Supreme Court Justice is reaching its peak. After the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Senate Republicans are pushing to speed ahead the process. Likewise, Democrats, in both the Senate and the House, are pushing for a delay in the appointment with a fury seldom seen. Their sleight of hand in unleashing an onslaught of objections is, indeed, cringeworthy. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has even threatened to impeach President Trump, should he nominate someone, in order to prevent a confirmation vote.

However, President Trump and the Republicans seeking to place a conservative-leaning justice on the bench before the election are gaining support and strength. On the president’s likely short-list and potential favorite is candidate Judge Amy Coney Barrett who currently sits on the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals. President Trump has announced he will reveal his pick for the Supreme Court on Saturday evening. According to Fox, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R- TN) stated that the Senate, which is controlled by the GOP, would “move swiftly to approve Trump’s nominee and vote her out of committee, then immediately move to a floor vote.”

USA Today said Judge Barrett is a front-runner for the Supreme Court nomination. Barrett was also on President Trump’s short-list in 2018 when Justice Brett Kavanaugh was ultimately selected for the seat on the high court. Considered by conservatives to be a pick that would ensure a reliably conservative court for future generations, Barrett refuses to deny her Catholic faith, a bulwark in her life. Yet, she has assured Congress that her church affiliations would have no bearing in her judicial opinions.

Yet, the Democrats manipulate every possible opportunity as a foothold into a majority control. Their desire to pack the courts for control is, as Ben Shapiro states, nothing more than a means to usher in “transformational change rather than a legal body with a mandate to only interpret honestly the words of the law.” As Shapiro notes, these actions violate constitutional principles and the philosophy upon which the US was founded.

This, according to Fox News and as explained by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, is exactly what President Trump set as the criteria for the SCOTUS pick. Saying that “The president wants a justice who will uphold the rule of law rather than having a part in the legislative process,” it is clear that activist judges who seek to uproot the constitutional foundation will no longer have the majority opinion if the pick is seated no matter the election outcome.

Among the unjustified excuses used by the left to support a left-leaning justice pick is the idea that Justice Ginsburg gave priority to that selection as her dying wish. However, her wish (and certainly the left’s wish) is not the president’s nor the Republican Senators’ command. Trump’s objective is not to have a conservative majority in the court for personal gain but rather to sustain and uphold the constitutional foundation of the judicial system so that America, as we know it, is not lost. That goal is within reach because, as Senator Blackburn noted, (the Republicans) “do have the votes in the Senate.”

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