Hijacking the Schools

Your Kids and BLM

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Many of us have been asleep at the wheel as we entrusted to the educational systems, public and many private, the formation of the knowledge base and ideals in our children’s lives. We have trusted that the understanding and appreciation of our country’s history and foundation have been adequately taught. Yet, as Glenn Beck states, we have been oblivious to the takeover of the school systems by the left as they brainwash our children to conform to their leftist ideology.

If anyone is baffled as to how so many young people could so easily be persuaded to join Antifa, so easily convinced to commit crimes without a regard for the lives and welfare of others, one has to understand how the indoctrination in our schools has taken hold of their minds, being inculcated from a very young age. Not only university level classrooms, but elementary and middle school curriculums are intent on fomenting communistic concepts in your child’s very soul.

As Beck notes, wrested from the pages of curriculums sent to schools across the country, the indoctrination is slipped in by using age appropriate tools to bend your children’s minds to accept socialism, Marxism and transgender activism. Does anyone recall the new trend of transgender story times in your local libraries that have suddenly become so common? It’s not a coincidence that these are simultaneously sprouting up all over the country.

Planting Seeds of Socialism

The curriculum plants the seeds of the principles on which Black Lives Matter is based. Ideas such as restorative justice are woven into your children’s curriculum. The curriculum states that these ideas are to be expressed in an age appropriate matter such that the ideas themselves would become part of the children’s thoughts and speech. How are they able to bring these ideas into schools on the sly? Dialectics!

One of the concepts introduced into the mind of our young ones is the idea of “Black Villages”, a term that means the “disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and the return to the collective village that takes care of each other.” This is right out of the Black Lives Matter guiding principles and statements. This is nothing less than Marxist theory disguised as a benign concept, yet taking hold of the child’s mind at a young age.

Patrice Cullers, the founder of BLM, has openly admitted to being a trained Marxist, as are all who hold the group’s principles as their goals. Cullers has links to the Weather Underground terrorists of the 1960s, and Eric Mann, who was charged with attempted murder of a police officer. It is this same group whose ideology is being taught at your child’s school. It is not far fetched to conclude that their purpose is none other than using your children to implement their takeover of Western society, the destruction of the founding consitutional principles based on Judeo-Christian values, something that Communism abhors.

It has recently come to light that teachers are expressing concerns that parents might observe their children learning in a virtual classroom. According to The Gateway Pundit, it has been reported that certain school districts have required parents to sign documents stating that they will not view the children’s classroom learning. According to Bizpac Review, one teacher indoctrinating children about equity and inclusion, racism, gender, sexuality and homophobia in the Philadelphia area expressed this concern. He openly admits to cautioning his students that “what happens here, stays here.”

Playing Russian Roulette with Their Character

The National Review published an article in which they warned that sending kids off to college was akin to “playing Russian Roulette with their character”, and learning to hold in contempt everything that their parents hold dear. As Dennis Prager wrote in the article, Judeo-Christian values make one a better person; the left’s ideology instills ungratefulness and anger. Hence, the popularity of those proclaiming their percieved victimhood.

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Today, the only speech permissible in schools is that which is aligned with the left’s doctrine and norms. College students have been threatened by professors that they would not get published if they expressed conservative ideas. I, myself, learned that from personal experience. How quickly the US Supreme Court ruling that forbade communists teaching in our schools has faded from our collective memory. However, as bad as the Coronavirus has been for the economy and our children’s education, some good has come from it. The well-planned brainwashing of our children has been exposed. What we do with this knowledge, now that we have been made aware, is crucial to the very existence of, not only our nation and its Judeo-Christian heritage as we know it, but the survival of our families.

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