Trap Tea Debacle

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There is something to be said for someone being functionally retarded.  If that offended you or upended you emotionally, it is because you are uneducated or ignorant to the reality of the term.  So, since we love to educate, let’s do just that.  The word “retard” while politically incorrect, literally means “slow” or “underdeveloped”.  Just like in music, when you see on the sheet music the word “retardando”, it means to slow down or “fire retardant” which is slowing the spread of the fire.  It’s a word that literally defines someone who has an underdeveloped intelligence factor.  And no, Downs Syndrome has nothing to do with being retarded so you can’t use that.  Why all of this defining of terms regarding this word?  Because in our story boys and girls, you will witness the sheer amount of functional retardation from a woman who just can’t help but be so woke that she literally exudes stupidity and because we care about you being informed.

Once Upon A Time in Aurora by way of Taiwan…

We begin our tale in Colorado by way of Taiwan.  We need to insert Taiwan because the central figure of this tale is a drink affectionately known to many as “bubble tea” or “boba”.  It’s a tea drink that comes in a plethora of flavors and is widely enjoyed by the masses as it tends to use tapioca balls for an added texture bomb while you’re drinking the tea.  There’s regular tea with bubbles, there’s milk teas, you can get it in slushie form, hot, cold, and it’s fully customizable to your taste.  The crazy part, it is primarily, and arguably offensively Asian.  

A Woke Joke

So tell us if you heard this joke before, a black Ethiopian woman walks into a boba shop called “Trap Tea: The Boba Plug”, walks right up to the counter screeching that it’s not a “Black owned business.”  She then proceeds to berate the majority Asian employees working at a boba tea shop.  Her complaint?  It wasn’t a black owned business as stated before.  What lead her to believe it was a “black owned business?” The place was called “Trap tea…”.  Mind you, there was nothing online, nor written on the store that suggested a hint that “Trap Tea: The Boba Plug” is a black owned business but to this unhinged lady named Alewia Roba, she believed it to be the case.  The joke gets even funnier.  Because “Trap Tea: The Boba Plug” was not a black owned business, she accuses Asians of “stealing black culture” because they used the word, “trap” in their business name.  Forget that it’s a bubble tea shop.  Forget that there is a line of people waiting to get their drinks. No, this black woman believes black culture has the standard for the word “trap” and thus, because an Asian establishment used said word, it means Asians are stealing “black culture” once again.  


The insane hilarity continues folks!  There was a black man standing in line front row to the ensuing stupidity that he decided to interject in order to diffuse the situation. The man wanted his drink to be sure!  Right away, she decides again that it was in her best interest to call this black man a “coon”.  A “coon” is a pejorative used by black people to insult other black people.  Namely it’s used to insult and demean black conservatives for not thinking like the black celebrities or the wider black cultural stigma.  It would be used when they want to insult Candace Owens or Larry Elder or Demani Felder or KingFace, but there is no evidence to suggest the man in this story waiting for his drink expressed his political views. He just didn’t side with the unhinged black woke chick. So again, to Roba in all of her wokeness, this man is a “coon.” Let that sink in dear readers!

The Punchline

At the end of the day the punchline is this, Roba is woke.  She’s so woke that she literally is a black supremacist.  She makes the claim that Asians steal black culture and then calls another black man a “coon.”  This is where getting woke gets you.  It makes you an embarrassment.  You become the very monster you claim to fight.  The hilarity is that she’s gone viral in the worst way possible.  It reveals that when you get woke, you are the racist monster and we are seeing it as white people are demeaned, Asians are targeted by pro-black supremacists who want nothing more than to be the new gods of America and frankly, when you glorify something, you inevitably demonize everything else.  We are seeing that play out in our day and if Roba has anything to say about it, you can’t use anything that has been taken in by black people, and that’s insane, and stupid! The full story can be found here and you can watch the unhinged Roba insanity!

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