Garnering Support for Veterans on Twitter

Trains: A Unifying Force

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When I first joined Twitter, I did so to help President Trump. I quickly aligned myself with MAGA Patriots but I noticed there were no rooms specifically created for veterans. I had a lot to learn about Twitter and its underbelly before I would be able to open a room. I was invited to join together with other likeminded folks in a room and that became a stepping stone for me.

I eventually learned how to make trains and advanced to become a conductor. I wound up joining a total of 27 rooms but I still had not seen a group dedicated to veterans. So, shortly thereafter, I created my “Veterans Only” room and began reaching out to vets. It was harder to get them to join than I had imagined. 

Despite the humps, I persisted and succeeded and am very happy with our Veterans room, #MikesVets4Trump, which appears on every single train that I run. My goal was and still is just this: to give veterans the respect and appreciation they deserve on the Twitter platform together with the “MAGA Patriots.” They’re now getting the support they need from the multitudes of followers that gladly offer it.

An Eye Opener

The journey wasn’t without its hurdles. It was an eye opener for me when some patriots related to me that they didn’t like Veterans because, as they put it, they “owed them something.” One woman, who herself is married to a veteran, said we were “booed by Americans because the Vietnam vets were addicted to heroin.” However, there is a positive side! Women send hearts to our trains saying that they love to see their trains come by and wish they could reach out and hug them! They have quite a fan club now and each train receives a minimum of 100 followers and the vets’ follower numbers have sky-rocketed.

I have have an idea that I believe will be very successful. Starting today, I’m going to add Patriots and Veterans on the same train. I like to experiment and will continue to identify them as a vet and mix them in with some accounts with larger followings. I believe that these trains have been the unifier and the reason for our success. President Trump loves and appreciates our military veterans and this has helped in a significant way.

I still have much more work to do to get the vets the honor, recognition and appreciation they deserve. I’m anxious to combine these two groups today and see what happens next. I know it’ll lead us onward to greater unity but, most importantly, greater honor for our veterans!

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