Not Even Trying To Hide It

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There are a few things more heinous in the world that bringing harm to women, children, and the elderly. More often than not, the default disposition in any case regarding safety are women and children and the elderly if there were any to keep safe. Able bodied men could handle the distress and chivalry dictated that we protect women and children. Then for some strange reason, someone somewhere with money decided to turn women into men, have them act like men, think they can behave like men but still be treated as fragile women yet call for equality. Then also, someone somewhere decided throw out protection for children and now we’ve begun sexualizing kids on top of the pandemic known as human trafficking still going on today. In media, we use to not do anything with children in terms of sexualizing them but then something switched off and between that scene with 10 year old Linda Blair in the Exorcist movie and the content of today, kids are not the focus of mass media, not as beings to protect and cherish, but exploit and use and that exploitative element is becoming more widely known among the masses.

Kids And Media

Ever since we knew of it, there was something strange that happened with the child stars that we all knew and loved growing up. The beloved Olsen twins went from adorable cute baby stars on a popular sitcom, to now, they seem anorexic and strung out on something. Shia LaBeouf of Even Stevens fame and his Transformers appearance when from funny quirk to teen heartthrob to estranged actor who’s behavior left him rather ostracized. Macaulay Culkin who we all knew as the snarky kid from the Home Alone franchise grew up and grew into the uncle you don’t want over for thanksgiving, but with more cocaine. Disney star Miley Cyrus who we all loved as Hannah Montana and even would repeat her one song, “Party In The USA” as a banger is now someone we really don’t care about, care for, and wish she would go in like a wrecking ball to a mental institution and stay there and recover. All of them were loved as child stars, all of them grew up, and all became sad shells of themselves. Something happened and it’s disturbing. Whether it’s drugs, money, or the fact that between their meteoric rise to fame, they were exploited in some way that caused trauma to get them where they are at now is nothing short of spine tingling and leaves us quite sad for them.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Some of the exploitative events happened on the back burner away from the public spotlight. We all know what a casting couch is and because of the Harvey Weinstein debacle, it’s pretty clear what goes on in Hollywood. Then with the onset of everything that occurred with Jeffrey Epstein and his Pedophile Island, it seems like that issue is in the spotlight now. But it is also something that has been hidden in plain sight but it seems like Hollywood isn’t even hiding it anymore as they are now attempting to sexualize children. Hulu is about to drop a series known as Pen15. Yes, you are reading this correctly. That specifically says Pen with a one and a five in it written in numerical text to form the word for male genitalia. It’s a childish, middle school game little boys hitting the initial stages of puberty write just in case they don’t want to get in trouble during class. But now there’s a whole streamed series titled this.

Netflix isn’t that far off with the sexualization of children as they are about to release the French movie “Cuties”. The polished side of the marketing strategy according to the director says that it’s a coming of age story that is a commentary on the harsh reality of traditional Muslim upbringing as well as a scathing indictment on the sexualization of the Western world. The gist of “Cuties” is a young Muslim girl is trying to find her identity and discovers a rebellious girl who they both form an all girl twerk troupe. Again, the uproar especially how the American marketing campaign issued it is four 9 year old girls are on a poster in sexual poses wearing skimpy outfits. The French marketing material looks like a coming of age story but now that we got the gist of the story, Netflix received a large amount of backlash at the sexualization of these young girls where it’s been reported that the director auditioned over 650 nine year olds for these roles. Again, that means that the director, the producer, writer, choreographer, cinematographer, audition manager all had to direct these 650 nine year olds to twerk and deny or approve each of the four that you see in the film. Let that sink in as these directors are grown adults doing all of this to 650 nine year old girls. And where are the parents in all of this? If you’re asking that question as well, you get it!

Degeneracy INC.

It seems quite clear that kids are big targets and it seems that the Left is making the attempt to come for them. Public libraries do not seem to be safe places for children to read books as what will come in is a heavily make-up bodysuit wearing man who dresses in drag and will read “Curious George” to your little Bobby or little Sarah. They’ll even perform and twerk to your 2 year old. We’ve even see instances where one public library allowed registered sex offender into Drag Queen story time with these children. With porn sites active and ready at the fingertips of a nine year old and with allegations that the most readily accessible porn collection site known as PornHub is alleged to have sexual assault and child rape content posted on that site without any vetting is causing people to wake up to the degeneracy.

The Left is gunning for your children. Between the disgusting $150 billion dollar industry of human sex trafficking to the Left wanting to use and abuse your kids to now Hollywood is attempting to sexualize kids and one can’t forget that the pedophiles today are attempting to normalize pedophilia as a “sexual orientation” and we have “Cuties” about to be released on Netflix, hide yo kids! Because they are coming for them and if #savethechildren means anything, it might mean cancelling Netflix and Hulu altogether and buying leggings from a company that doesn’t use pre-teen girls.

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