The Left Really Showing Their Hand

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We reported on this before and the effects this will have.  We also know that the depravity of the Left knows no bounds.  The hypocrisy of those on the Left are just bar none, hands down, nothing short of astronomical.  Their push for more and more degeneracy is beyond astounding and no, this is not hyperbolic language.  We literally mean that with every fiber of our being at the sheer hypocritical tenacity of the Left.  Yet, with the latest Netflix release of the film known as “Cuties,” it seems as though they aren’t even trying to hide the dumpster fire that they are.

The Normal Sense of Disgust

The movie’s premise if you do not know already is the “coming of age” story of an 11 year old Muslim girl who is trapped between the harsh traditions of her Muslim upbringing and the hypersexualization of the West and the exploration of a young girl’s sexuality coming into fruition.  So what does she do?  She joins up with some friends and they form a twerk troupe and basically act like Cardi B on a stage wearing almost nothing, twerking.  11 year old girls.  Yes, 11.  Devoid of any sexuality.  Pre-pubescent.  No real hormone production nor physiological changes and definitely a very underdeveloped brain that will not fully recognize her identity, for 14 more years.  But this movie is out and it is literally the sexualization of pre-teen girls.  Any clip you see will send the cringe shivers up your spine like you saw a flash of something you know you should not have seen.  You feel a sense of disgust at what you saw and also this stained feeling like you did something dirty and you want to take a pumice rock and just grind your skin off.  That’s the feeling you get when simply watching any two second clip of this movie.  And if you feel that, congratulations, you are a normal, good human being who feels a nasty type of way when young pre-teen girls are overtly sexualized.

In Defense of…

The hope is that any rational, sane, normal human being who sees any two second clip would feel that and join in the outrage because it is outrageous.  So much so that the hashtag #CancelNetflix was on the top trending list on Twitter.  Again, this response to this kind of nonsensical garbage should be considered normal.  But this is the year 2020 and nothing about our current year is considered normal.  Especially when you have alt-left media publications literally defending this movie.  Take for example the trash rag known as .Mic where they literally had writers, editors, proofreaders, and other staff read this article entitled, “No, Netflix is not promoting pedophilia with ‘Cuties’” as if it’s like they’re literally defending the reality that pedophiles will be watching and they will be enjoying this movie to the most inappropriate levels of nastiness but .Mic would have us believe Netflix is not responsible for the promotion of pedophilia.  It’s also not that us rational folks are saying Netflix is “promoting” the wretchedness of pedophilia, nobody is saying that for the most part.  What we are saying is Netflix is attempting to normalize pedophilia with this movie!  Hope you saw the bait and switch from .Mic.

Or let’s take Scott Mendelssohn of Forbes who wrote a piece, again, attempting to minimize the reality of the aftereffects of this movie.  Many like Scott as well as .Mic are minimizing this movie in a way that can be disastrous, namely the children which are the actual victims.  But for Mendelssohn to literally say stuff like, “Once again, it’s up to girls to protect boys and men from their own uncontrollable libidos.” or “The notion of a girl’s coming-of-age need not be defined by boys and men who might see that as a license to do harm.” where this guy literally takes an uber-feminist approach in justifying the sexualization of 11 year old pre-teen girls saying bring on the ladies to control the libido of men because 11 year old girls should not be responsible for the actions of perverted men out there.  Yes, you read that right.  According to Mendelssohn, it’s not the fault of these 11 year olds who want to twerk and dry hump the stage that gets you off you lame stupid males, no.  It’s your own because of your toxic masculinity.  That is what Scott Mendelssohn of is saying.  Let that sink in for a bit as you mull Mendelssohn’s points.  

What Do You Think This Will Do?!

The crazy part is, there have been many from us here at New Right Network, Steven Crowder, The Daily Wire, Allie Stuckey, Candace Owens, and a slew of other Conservative talking heads who have been warning everyone about the slippery slope this will cause.  Well, slippery met slope like a buffalo hitting a brick wall at terminal velocity!  Yet, what does the Left do?  Dismiss and call these warnings nothing but “conspiracy theories.” and pass everyone off as QAnon wackjobs or that this outrage for “Cuties” is a “right wing campaign”.  Yet these same folks are salivating (allegedly) over 11 year old pre-teen girls twerking, which you know Cardi B will approve.  The warning signs are out though and even now, this movie is definitely one that has the push to normalize pedophilia as it’s being touted by many.  We’ve been saying it all along and now that this Sundance award winning movie is out, we can only hope that children will not face any harm from the normalized pedophilia that is going to happen because of this movie.  If one child is harmed, then we should put the Left front and center and be the judge, jury, and executioner because they let this happen and we have been issuing warning signs all around and now they will reap the consequences.  We can only hope you hide yo kids once this movie gains the traction Maïmouna Doucouré hopes to gain from this failed film that should never have been made, on principle. People who had the stomach to see it hate it, yet look at the ratio of the “authorized critics” vs the normies. Not good Doucoure, not good at all.

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