USPS Violated Hatch Act

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Mail in Votes Handled by Biased Employees?

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As if the voter fraud, votes from the deceased, busing in of non-residents, and other ineligible voters casting ballots weren’t enough, the news that employees of the USPS violated the Hatch Act by aiding the Clinton campaign in 2016 has surfaced. Postal workers, who are federal employees, violated the Hatch Act when they participated in Hillary Clinton campaign activities in 2016, activities prohibited by the ACT. The Hatch Act limits certain political activities by federal government employees as well as state and local governernment employees that receive federal funding. .

Were it not for an investigation initiated by Governmental Affairs Chairman Senator Ron Johnson, the illegal activities may have never been exposed. According to Fox News, constituents of Senator Johnson alerted him to the United States Postal Service incurring unnecessary overtime costs and improperly coordinating with the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC). The USPS allowed members to work without pay for weeks on official union leave in order for them to engage in work on the Clinton campaign. However, the postal workers did not go without pay.

The postal workers were paid using the Letter Carrier Political Fund, its PAC, coming from the union that had endorsed Hillary. Moreover, the effort was coordinated by senior level post office officials who shared lists of USPS workers who were enlisted to assist with the campaign. As the coordination came from upper level management, those in lower level local positions understood that those communications were to be taken as directives.

Bias from USPS Management, Union

In spite of the reservations and concerns about the impact on postal service, those in management insisted on allowing the workers to be released to participate in the Clinton campaign. As Fox News noted, OSC Acting Special Counsel Adam Miles concluded and stated before the Senate Homeland Security Committee that “the USPS practice of facilitating and directing carrier releases for the union’s political activity resulted in an institutional bias in favor of the NALC’s endorsed political candidates, which the Hatch Act prohibits.” Although USPS Postmaster General denied the violations were intentional, the violations have been a staple in the institution for years.

According to Fox, Miles told the committee that the practice of releasing the workers for coordinated campaign efforts by the NALC and the USPS had been occurring for many years, “going back many election cycles, and perhaps started in the 1990s.” The workers participated in door-to-door canvassing of neighborhoods and other campaign activities.

Although Postmaster General Brennan assured the OSC they would change their practices, it would be difficult at this date and time for confidence in the neutrality of the USPS system to be restored and to be assured that USPS violations of the Hatch Act would cease to occur. The Office of the Special Counsel concluded that the USPS had engaged in systemic violations of the Hatch Act. Noting that the efforts of the Postal Worker’s Union exhibited bias in favor of the Democrat candidate, there is little basis to assume that the bias would have diminished, notably during this current hyper-partisan environment.

Given that many mail in ballots do not protect the privacy of the votes, while some explicitly denote the voter’s party preferences along exposing the voter’s personal information, the citizens of this country ought not hold confidence that their votes will arrive at their destination to be counted. As published by the Gateway Pundit, a postal union that has supported the Biden Harris campaign should alarm voters and cause concern about the validity of the 2020 Election should voters rely on ‘vote-by-mail’.

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