Is the Great Reset the New Normal?

A Global Conspiracy Against God and Humanity

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There have been prophetic books such as 1984 that have forewarned the world of the effects of an all-knowing, all-seeing authoritarian world order. Little did George Orwell realize that his vision of the New World Order would not encompass the true extent of the suppression of personal privacy and the total eradication of personal liberty as envisioned for the world by a certain group of elites, wealthy, powerful players. Those select few have
not hidden their evil machinations under a bushel. They have broadcast it to their lackeys and a sleeping public who are too busy with the day-to-day tasks to take action, lulled to sleep by false promises, while it dreams “All will continue as it was.”

The left has talked about reeducation camps for conservatives, but let’s not forget that the educational system, from cradle to adulthood, has pumped out an indoctrinated youth. In Vermont, school administrators are now encouraged to interrogate students about their Thanksgiving activities. In Oregon, authorities admitted they feared parents would pull their kids from public schools to enroll them in private schools with lesser restrictions. Is it
merely concern for the health and welfare of the students or is something more sinister afoot?

A desperate public may be reduced to accepting forced vaccinations to keep a job, attend school, or buy and sell. And that may not be too far off. The CEO of Australia’s Qantas Airlines has announced the likelihood of travel restrictions, limiting international travel to those who have received the Coronavirus vaccine. It has been reported by major news sources such as USA Today, NPR and Healthline that workplaces may require a vaccine for

The Governor of Vermont, Phil Scott, also suggested that businesses should quarantine employees who spent the holidays with friends and family. A forceful fight been waged against the use of hydroxychloriquine, a proven cure, for Coronavirus. If that works, there would be no need for a vaccine, tracking, contact tracing and other forms of population control needed for a New World Order.

The Vaccine May Not End Lockdowns

According to the New York Post, renewed interest has been shown by Canadian authorities in solving the murder mystery of a Toronto billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife, founders of Apotex pharmaceutical company that manufactured hydroxychloriquine. A mere coincidence? Had the doctors supporting the use of hydroxychloriquine prevailed in their efforts to treat patients with a proven cure, the effort to push a mandatory vaccine on the world population would have been understood to be unnecessary. The lockdowns, virtual learning and working from home would have been unnecessary.

Bill Gates, the population control enthusiast, is not a doctor nor is he a scientist. Yet, he has damaged countless generations with his vaccines. He and other elites believe they know what is best for you and yours. Dr. Fauci has stated that vaccines won’t end the lockdowns. They want you to continue to work from home, never returning to the old normal. Numerous victims of the lockdowns have committed suicide or died alone in nursing homes, lost jobs and income. But a vulnerable population that lacks warmth and ommunication from family, friends and peers is so much easier to control.

As George Soros noted at the World Economic Forum, “the 2020 Election will determine the fate of the world.” We now know that Soros’ Smartmatic software was run on the Dominion Voting machines and the planned hijacking of the election by the globalists was intended to overthrow a duly re-elected President Trump, ridding the world of a Constitutional Republic, the greatest force to uphold laws protecting personal liberty, rights
and freedoms that has been a bulwark and a light to the world.

The Great Reset will reduce those rights and liberties to ashes. In fact, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò warned President Trump that the Great Reset is “a global conspiracy against God and humanity.” The pandemic is merely an inroad to rob the world of its life, liberty and happiness. Will you be counted among those that will take a stand?

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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