Punishing Conservatives for the Crimes of the Left

What Did FBI Know and When Did They Know It?

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A somewhat amusing article caught my attention this week in the Gateway Pundit. It was about a supposed “Trump supporter” who possessed a Lego version of the Capitol. The FBI are building a case against the guilty party. But one look at the photo of the perp tells even the most casual observer everything one needs to know: the person of interest is not a Trump supporter nor conservative. He’s only one of the many leftists who masqueraded as Trump supporters, part of the larger plot that is being waged against this Constitutional Republic by the very parties who have sworn to defend it.

President Trump most certainly did not incite a riot on January 6, 2021. What is frightening to the leftists, the Democrats and a Justice Department that has lost its way is that such an overwhelming number of patriots would congregate to support the President they hated. And what better way to suppress the rights of conservatives and the real Trump supporters than to infiltrate conservative groups and peaceful patriotic gatherings to incite riots to then turn around and accuse the innocent.

A recent news article showed police firing flash-bangs into crowds of families, children, senior citizens, and vets who were peacefully assembled, legally, near the Capitol on January 6. The Capitol Police fired at the crowd even though they were behind barriers and not on the steps of the Capitol. Rubber bullets were also used on these who were merely exercising their right to peacefully assemble. Moreover, it has come to light that unarmed Ashley Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer who had already been proven to be careless in the use of his firearm.

Pelosi’s, Mayor Bowser’s and the FBI’s Setup

As revealed in the Gateway Pundit, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, along with D.C. Mayor Bowser, refused to accept assistance from the National Guard when warned that a situation was imminent at the Capitol. This was revealed by Kash Patel, former Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense, who stated to the Epoch Times that the Mayor of D.C. had turned down the assistance of the National Guard, motivated solely by politics. And The FBI failed to notify the 45th President, still in office, of the potential for riots, of which they had been forewarned. Moreover, it has recently come to light that hundreds of members of the Armed Forces had been sought out by the FBI and DHS, seeking their help to infiltrate patriotic groups, as told to the Gateway Pundit by Green Beret Jeremy Brown.

However, the news broke recently that the FBI itself infiltrated the rally at the Capitol for the express purpose of causing violence with the intent to accuse President Trump and his supporters of the crimes they themselves committed. And now, they continue to persecute innocent Americans such as the grandmother who was peacefully ushered into the Capitol by the Capitol Police themselves, making her denounce her white privilege and take classes to indoctrinate her in exchange for no jail time for trespassing.

But, after all, we know their end game: to destroy Constitution and the rights afforded all citizens in order to usher in a Marxist government. Just how many in our government and justice and judicial systems have been bought out and corrupted? What were they offered? How much were they paid? Or were they blackmailed? This may one day come to light in time to save our country that is so quickly disintegrating. May the few brave souls left in high places speak now or they may be forced to forever hold their peace.

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