Lin Wood Tweetstorm: Exposing the Plot to Blackmail Our Leaders

Attorney Reveals Disturbing Blackmail Scheme to Control Officials

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Post-Election 2020 has seen a political environment that has revealed a few key brave souls who have been willing to put themselves on the line to expose the extensive corruption and number of compromised officials who have used their authority to subvert the rule of law and the Constitution. Attorney L. Lin Wood, along with President Donald Trump, former New York City Mayor and District Attorney Rudy Giuliani and Attorney Sidney Powell have exposed the exceedingly pervasive web of corruption that has infiltrated numerous federal and state offices.

L Lin Wood, at great risk to his personal safety, has now exposed the methodology utilized by Deep State actors to extort public officials. The puzzling disregard for the Constitution and rule of law by some can be explained by the following divulged information.

In a series of tweets posted today, Wood exposed some background information that may explain the reluctance of Chief Justice John Roberts to support President Trump and those in Congress contesting the electors as a result of the extensive election fraud committed by complicit officials. The tweets expose the methods used to blackmail key officials, having been obtained by hackers.

One of those who was privy to the information and held copies of the hacked videos was Isaac Kappy. Kappy, who was murdered in May 2019, had been given copies of videos revealing the rape and murder of children. Wood believes that officials such as Chief Justice John Roberts as well as a multitude of others are being blackmailed after having visited Epstein Island, noting that Jeffrey Epstein used the same method to extort his island visitors.

The information revealed is extremely disturbing! According to Wood, the targets of the blackmail scheme were approached with a gun, a child and a camera. The targets were then ordered to rape the child while being videoed. Following this, the targets were ordered to shoot the child while the act is captured on video. This enabled the perpetrators to control the targets by utilizing the videos for the purpose of blackmailing them to obtain compliance.

This is merely a part of a larger operation run by 10 intelligence agencies that that utilize the methods above to control government officials. Those agencies, as noted by Attorney L Lin Wood, include the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the CIA, Mossad, the FBI and MI6.

Background information and research was published by Timothy Charles Holmseth detailing his findings and testimony given to the Minnesota FBI. Holmseth followed the leads and reported on the child kidnapping case of HaLeigh Cummings and was subsequently harassed and threatened by authorities. Other officials such as Vice President Mike Pence (who has had extensive relationship with China, exporting jobs to China and hosting Chinese companies such as Haier in his home state) and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi may have also been aware of the extensive network of child trafficking operations and the involvement of the intelligence agencies. Holmseth’s article detailing his account can be found here.

Additional related tweets by L. Lin Wood can be found on his Twitter account.

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