Why the Two-Tiered Justice System?

Congress Has Replaced the Constitution with the Illegitimate Administrative State

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To understand why there’s a two-tiered Justice system one must understand how Congress, over time, has whittled away the constitutional rights that guarantee justice across the board for all. Without constitutional rights in effect, Congress and its partisan Justice system lackeys administer lax enforcement of the law on its favored parties while implementing banana republic crackdowns on those who fall out of favor with the current leftist regime.

John Marini, in his book Unmasking the Administrative State, details how Congress has enabled laws that undermine the Constitution and eroded the constitutional rights Americans have relied upon until now. What’s left is a Congress, originally intended to represent the people that, instead, relinquishes its legislative powers to the administrative state. Those elites that have a seat at the table have ushered in a system that does not “offer conditions of equal treatment to all citizens. Rather, it sanctions unequal privilege for those who have seat at the table….” And those who support those elites are showered with favoritism, not justice.

A case in point is the recent incident in which a Democrat Congresswoman stormed the U.S. Capitol protesting voting rights (claiming black womens’ constitutional rights to vote are being infringed) and was virtually immediately released. Compare this with Trump supporters languishing in prison without trials months after their arrest. Compare this with entire families arrested (mind you that their single crime was trespassing) because they support a Constitutional Republic they see being undermined by communist/marxist forces. Yet, the black-clad hoodlums that were first to storm up the Capitol steps are not being sought by the FBI, likely part of the sting operation to incite a riot.

The Dissolution of the Social Compact

As Marini ponders, is seems it’s impossible that the separation of powers, meant to support an unbiased and fair system, can operate properly in support of the Constitution while controlled by the bureaucracy. The “legality of the administrative state remains unquestioned” and genuine “legitimacy (that) derives from reason, or principle, that underlies and justifies law itself.’ is phased out of existence. The legitimacy of the Constitution is “based on a social compact designed to secure those natural rights (equality and liberty) that exist prior to government, and it establishes government’s purpose in terms of their defense.” This only functions when “ambition counteracts ambition.”

This suppression of any opposing (counteracting) thought or speech has completely undermined the Constitution and its purpose in providing legislative support of those rights. The administrative state and all laws that only serve to protect the administration and ensure its continued power have overrided all natural rights. The only rights left are bestowed upon those who support their regime’s agenda, including rights to subvert and commit crimes against the country such as BLM’s and Antifa’s rioting, assaulting persons and destroying property. They then blame conservatives for any defense against the infringement of their rights.

The Illegitimate Administrative State

As Ken Masugi notes in Unmasking the Administrative State, “Congress lost the will to legislate and became facilitators..”(of the encroaching external forces), the result of which is the bureaucratic government that, today, dominates and attempts to control every aspect of American citizens’ lives. As government became centralized, the judiciary became part of the political process, no longer a separate but equal entity. And their laws and processes have come to only support illegitimate and unconstitutional acts of the bureaucracy’s stranglehold of the constitution. Hence, SCOTUS’s refusal to address blatant election fraud.

We have to ask if there still exists hope that those few left within the Administrative State would be willing to sacrifice their reputations livelihoods as well as every other citizen who grieves at the dissolution of the once greatest country on earth, still a bulwark of freedom to the world. Cubans lift the banner of freedom, the American flag, in the hope of reinstating democracy in their Communist regime as Marxist U.S. congressional leaders and President Biden quash their dreams of liberty.

Americans that still love the America that was and should still be must speak before their children become the Cuban protestors of the future.

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