How the Cartels Rake in the Bucks While the Globalists’s Camel’s Nose Rips the Tent of National Security

Human Trafficking and Unaccompanied Minors: The Cartel’s Money Maker

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The floodgates have been opened at the southern US border and the Biden/Harris administration has let the globalist’s wishes dominate to destroy the foundation of law and order and due process. The cartels, with the support of the Democrats and compromised judicial system, have facilitated the influx of thousands of illegal border crossers by the day. At the very heart of the problem are the thousands of unaccompanied minors who are being placed in the homes of US citizens.

According the Daily Mail, foster parents in California have been contacted by California’s Community Care Licensing Office ( a division of California’s Department of Human Services) with a request to offer all available bedding in their homes to the unaccompanied minors. The number of requested spots has reached as high as 26 per foster family. But hidden behind the seeming innocuous request is the fact that receiving the unaccompanied minors as foster children will fill the requirements to grant the minors citizenship.

Foster parents Travis and Sharla Kall, who themselves run a non-profit that fights human trafficking, are concerned that this, as noted in the Daily Mail, is just the tip of the iceberg of a sinister plan. However, when interviewed on Fox News, Sharla Kall was prevented from exposing the details to the viewing audience after being cut off by the host. What was about to be exposed was the fact that the migrant children would be granted citizenship after becoming foster children of American parents after meeting certain criteria.

The Kalls noted that L.A. County has 30,000 foster children in the system at any given moment and the foster families struggle to keep up with the demand of American children in need. Giving available placements in families to foreign children leaves American children needing foster care without a bed. Moreover, the process of granting foster care to foreign children facilitates the process of giving multitudes of foreigners almost immediate access to citizenship, overriding the legal processes for citizenship that would normally occur. Also due to increase is state authority oversight of the homes of well-meaning citizens whose residences would be flooded with foreigners while American children languish without care.

Human trafficking is now the Cartels’ money-making method of choice, supported by Biden’s almost non-existent border security. The number of illegal border crossings in January and February alone were up by 96% as compared to the previous year. And the actions of the State of California are no less than supportive and complicit with the cartels, underwritten by the globalist agenda to create a borderless society with a weakened United States no longer able to withstand the conquerors.

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