A Post America World-Afghanistan Is Just the Beginning

How Will China, Iran, and Israel React?

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Never mind the fact that, according to the New York Post, the leader of the Taliban that helped lead the uprising in Kabul was freed by Obama in 2014 in exchange for a deserter. Obama promised the American people the enemy combatants would be prevented from engaging in terroristic acts again in Afghanistan. When remembering the pallets of cash Obama sent the Iranians, it’s easy to conclude that the leftist Obama regime fully intended those enemy combatants would be freed to engage in the overthrow of the American protected nation.

What many fail to realize is the fall of Afghanistan has far-reaching effects. All nations that previously depended upon American military might and financial support have learned that the U.S. no longer stands as a bastion of freedom and support, a bulwark against the rising tide of Communism and an ensign of liberty and justice the multitudes have sought for a more than century. 

The U.S. is embroiled in its own Color Revolution as deep state forces within the justice and judicial systems no longer adhere to the laws of the nation, neither constitutional nor statutory. They have been almost fully infiltrated and bought by the Big Money Guys (or blackmailed, as the case may be). 

They have infiltrated the educational systems, guaranteeing future generations of Marxist adherents. They have infiltrated the military that is now so focused on Critical Race Theory that is has been so weakened it cannot properly defend the country. They have taken down laws and law enforcement that protect the citizenry and let the criminals roam free while upstanding citizens that only seek to protect themselves and their rights are jailed and defamed.

In such a state of affairs, the U.S. can no longer protect itself from the evil forces within, much less the rest of the world.

What About the Rest of the World?

The U.S. has been long been a protective shield for Taiwan against China’s ever growing gnarly grasp. China may make its move against Taiwan now that the U.S., under Biden, has shown itself to be inept. 

China itself has infiltrated universities, the political sphere, the Pentagon and laboratories. Let’s not forget about the land and other real estate on U.S. soil they have gobbled up.  

Iran may make its move against Israel. The U.S., most notably under President Trump, helped to shield Israel from the encroaching forces on all sides that wish to see it and its people destroyed. Under the weak Biden administration, Israel may see its enemies triumph over its very existence.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Uphold the Standard

But let’s not forget that the globalist Great Reset can’t take over unless the greatest standard of liberty and justice for all is vanquished and subdued. What we see unfolding before our eyes spells the demise of the great American experiment. 

Remember to stand for the founding principles that made this nation great. Let history bear witness to the constitutional foundation’s truth and just principles. Let it not be wiped out of existence.

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