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The late Andrew Breitbart said that mainstream media is labeling everyone who is against the far left cultural narrative as “racists” and “potential Timothy Mcveighs” are tired of it and are giving the current cultural narratives a big “F*** you!” then said poignant, “War…” to signify that we are in fact in a culture war.  We are seeing literally the battle lines drawn between elitist figureheads from politicians, Hollywood celebs, Black Twitter, and anyone on the Left labeling everyday Americans as their enemies.

It means now, that in this movement, we need to know who our allies are.  “Hold your friends close, and your enemies closer.” is definitely a line we are beholden to but if we don’t know who our friends are, what good can we be?  Here are many new faces that are doing good work so that we can support.

The MAGA Hulk

Like many black folks who start off always start the same, they are Democrats.  The moniker is, “if you black, you Democrat.”  Stephan Davis AKA The MAGA Hulk that was his beginning till he started to do some digging and found out the team he was on perpetuated racism, abortion, segregation, the KKK, and a slew of other atrocities done by the Democrats.  They lead to a conversion story of not only coming to Christianity wholeheartedly but also adopting the Conservative ideology.  His viral video helped to spur him into center stage and also became a Turning Point USA ambassador as well.  The dare is, you can try to knock off his MAGA hat, but you won’t want to be on the business end of those 21” arms.

Vince Dao

The need to reach the youth has always been the method of many movements and if there is one voice that should extend to the masses, it is none other than high school journalist Vince Dao.  His videos are flashy with quick cuts, adding satire, irony, and comedy mocking the Left.  Starting off on the Left, Vince quickly began to see the rampant hypocrisy, double standards, and infringements of basic rights America was founded on continually by the Left and this slowly started to eat away at his political allegiance.  What really swung him right was during the March For Our Lives event that cemented him into being a Conservative.  Now that he’s sold on basic Constitutional principles, he makes content that perpetuate those ideas through fun, satirical jabs at the left.  Would you believe this young man is still in high school and is working double time to ensure we hear and see what the Left is all about?  If you don’t believe it, check him out here!

Ash Soular

Noted to be the next female Santana, Ash Soular got her start of Internet fame by playing a cover of Carlos Santana’s “Samba Pa Ti” which currently has over 10 million views on her YouTube channel.  She was lined up to even be in a lucrative music career when that came to a screeching halt and owned up to her faith as a Messianic Jew.  She started all over without the acclaim of being a famous musician and decided to dedicate her playing that reflects her faith as well as her growing views of culture and politics.  During the Obama years, she wrote a song called “Obamanation” expressing her disdain for the former President and has continually touted off anti-Left sentiments while staying true to her faith.  Her recent song “I Hate My Governor” clearly shows her sentiments about New Mexico Governor Grisham regressing back to Phase 1 mandates as well as fining people $500 for not wearing masks in public as a token of her disdain of the Left.

Antoine Tucker

What do you get when you get a gangbanger, drug dealer, federal felon, seminarian, and incumbent Congressman all rolled into one?  You get Antoine Tucker better known as Tony X.  Antoine Tucker is a write-in candidate for New York’s 14th district.  If that sounds familiar, it’s because you know the person who is currently the representative of that district and she isn’t well liked by anyone.  Tucker started off exactly like what you read, a gangbanger with tattoos who sold drugs and was caught and put in a federal prison working out a long sentence.  In prison, he taught himself and worked himself to study which had him eventually get a Doctorate of Divinity but still kept his “street cred” flare to his demeanor.  Now he’s working over time not only redpilling black people in his community, but is doing work in his community to win people not just to vote him into office to represent the 14th, but is in full support of President Trump’s agenda for 2020 while working to unseat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  You can find him on Instagram (IG) as @montaga and he is worth the listen.

Angela Stanton King

The name King might give way to make some pretty clear cut deductions about who this lady is.  You’d be right to make those assertions as Angela Stanton King is the goddaughter of the Martin Luther King family.  Again, with any black American, she started off leaning Left and then she went to jail until President Trump commuted her sentence which turned her entire life around not just from casually switching sides but to be one of the key frontrunners for the supporting the President’s First Step Act.  She is now currently running on the Republican ticket to take the late Congressman John Lewis of Georgia’s 5th District which encompasses Fulton County, home to much of Atlanta’s biggest and most notable areas.  A frequent IG Liver who wants to connect with the people and most notably, bringing all the smoke to blow into the faces of The Breakfast Club and laying the smackdown on them in the most painfully joyous fashion, Stanton King is not one to be reckoned with, though most try.

Kate Stinson

Self-dubbed “The Southern Oreo”, Kate Stinson is one of the loudest voices for Conservativism IG and Facebook has ever seen.  A business owner who runs her own clothing brand and a firebrand social media content creator herself, she’s a saucy freedom loving redneck dream girl who’s got the mouth of a sailor, the story of an Olympic winner, the brains of a lawyer, the wit of Shakespeare, and the beauty of a goddess who just loves her freedom and isn’t afraid to say it!

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Jamie Joseph

When it comes to the dispensation of information, the need for objective journalism is key to ensuring that the general public has all the info needed.  Enter Jamie Joseph or better known on Instagram as @politicalcurlz.  A reporter for The Epoch Times as well as the founder of Scriberr Media, her work places an emphasis on clear cut, objective reporting just on the facts from all sides of the story.  We all know that CNN and MSNBC have their agendas.  Fox News also puts a spin to how they report the news, again, with an agenda.  With Jamie, we get the marriage of Fox and CNN rolled into one who not only provides photojournalism but fair and balanced reporting.  You know, the way journalism is supposed to be.


Another player in creating amazing social media content is Topher.  You can find him on Instagram @tophertownmusic.  His content involves making short, snappy, quick videos on Tik Tok that pushes Conservative values and ideas while tackling the Left’s narrative.  Don’t be fooled, he’s an Air Force vet turned hip hop artist/social media influencer.  With one of the biggest followings on Tik Tok for pushing Conservative content, he’s moved over to Instagram but still keeps his same format as Tik Tok will be going away.  You can also find his music on all streaming platforms as well.

The Cuban’s Daughter

You find this Conservative firebrand beauty on Instagram with the same name @thecubansdaughter.  Her perspectives on her stories are staunchly American and she expresses a very visceral hatred for socialism.  As her name would put it, she has her roots in Cuba, a Communist haven that Cubans continue to flee from and land in the U.S. because, opportunity and freedom.  When she’s not roasting soyboys and ANTIFA, she’s blasting socialism and the Left.  When she’s not blasting the Left, she’s roasting ANTIFA while drinking Cuban beer and enjoying her life.  This young lioness is definitely one of the faces of the Right we will need to keep an eye on as she is definitely on her way up!

Circle Up

These are just the many few in the Conservative movement to be on the lookout for and in turn support, line up with, and help as they work to do their due diligence to beat the narrative and open up the conversation.  We should definitely be doing what we can to help those who are out there doing the good work of helping average Americans like you and know what we believe and why we believe it!  At the end of the day, we don’t all agree 100% but we can be sure that there is unity and should always be pursuing that unity for the good of our country as these folks and others like them support the President as well as what the vision of America is.

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