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American Soul

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“There is no such thing as good people who fail to act. Good people, by definition, are the ones who do act… I’ve decided to fight.  Maybe I’ll see you at the front.” – John Ward Cinematics

Every time you watch a Youtube video, Joe Biden is running ads and bumbling through even the script. In it he speaks on fighting for the soul of the nation, and he’s not wrong. But unfortunately, it is not the kind of soul we on the Right want to see happen to the country we love! Patriots, by definition, are those who see the danger their beloved nation is in and they fight. They fight with their money, they fight with their votes, they fight with their voices, and they fight with their lives if the situation calls for it.  Joe Biden is not wrong when he talks about fighting for the soul of America, but the soul of America is tainted by a stain known as Liberalism.  

That’s not to say that we need to blot it out and only be a country with one monolithic opinion on matters. What we need is a balanced discourse, but unfortunately we have a Hydra of an enemy with multiple heads that continually needs to be chopped off and have that wound cauterized. We need to be reminded continually that America was a land founded upon the idea that people, individuals are the only ones that should take care of themselves, and that the question is “can a citizen be self-sufficient enough to take care of themselves?” 

When the Constitution was drafted by the framers, this was the question that was asked. Historical stains like racism and slavery aside, people have done a very good job of ensuring they have been able to take care of themselves.  Even in the midst of Jim Crow and segregation back in the 1920s, freed slaves faced with unbelievable bouts of racism and discrimination still had intact families, educated children, and strides of progress from Black Wall Street to Booker T. Washington, who founded the Tuskegee Institute. People have done an unimaginably phenomenal job of taking care of their own; whether driven by faith or driven by survival or driven by success, they did it.

Then more people began coming to a country that simply recognizes that all men are created equal. Were there speed bumps along the way? Sure. No country’s history is without sin. Every nation on earth has its tarnished history and America is no different. The difference between us and them is that we rise above and try to do better. Slavery? Abolished. Segregation on a national level? Illegal! Minor discrepancies here and there not withstanding, more or less America did what it did to ensure that it’s basic identity, that of “the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” remained intact.

The Lines Are Drawn

Now that we have entered an election year, it is time once again to be reminded we are steeped in a war that determines the heartbeat of a nation that has been the bastion of freedom in a world that loves its socialism and authoritarian grip on individual liberties. We see what the Left is doing. If Antifa, BLM, Soros, and all of these other figures have shown us anything in recent days, it is that they are ramping up the push to impinge upon everyday Americans to get what they want out of us. 

Walter E. Williams stated, “Always be suspicious of those who pretend to know it all, claim their way is the best way, and are willing to force their way on the rest of us.” We are seeing that from every corner the Left has their hands in. If you disagree with the emotionalism of a transgender, you’re “transphobic.” If you express concern about the Marxist laden Black Lives Matter movement, you’re a “racist.” If you disagree with the points laid out by a feminist, you’re a “misogynist,” and so on. This has been backed by academia, the media entertainment industrial complex, and Left leaning politicians.

Meanwhile, Americans are generally just trying to live out their lives as the hysteria of the Corona Virus pandemic inches to a close. With summer officially here, it also means in no time the polls will open up. That means we are left with a decision to make; head to the polls and vote, or not. This is what the Left is trying to stop; the “Silent Majority” heading to the polls and expressing that they are tired of the antics of the Left. People who simply want to work their jobs, love their families, hang with their neighbors, and pray their prayers want to be left alone. The Left wants us to bend the knee to them.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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There is a question we do need to ask ourselves.  Have we traded in freedom for safety?  Tim Pool argues that yes we have. If your boss is making you bend the knee to the Left, leave. But do we? If who we choose as the man we want to run the nation grinds against the comforts of our cushy jobs and affects our wallets, do we do something else, or do we bend the knee and do it quietly?

Much of our history is that of rebellion. We didn’t like it when someone taxed us on tea while being thousands of miles away. Why is it that we are alright with it when a mob of angry bloated NPCs gang up to force us to comply with their groupthink and telling us what to think? We then shrink back and say, “Well I know what needs to be done, but I just don’t know how to do it.”  


This is how you do it.  When you get called a “racist,” you smile. When you get called a “bigot,” you smile. If you have the glorious good luck to get shot in the chest by a blubbering mob of insecure white liberals and their minority counterparts, you do what any patriot does; pull out that bullet with your buoy knife and get working on your booby traps. No matter what, and whether or not you asked for it, those folks want you dead!  

If we call this landmass our home, it is because we understand the tenant that WE make the rules. We are our own purveyors of our own destiny. We shape our own lives and our own selves. If America is the idea that we live it to be, that list will grow; but only if we maintain the freedom to do so. And that spirit is what truly makes us native Americans. Not by virtue of skin tone or racial affiliation, but by virtue of the idea that we were endowed by our Creator these inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That all men are created equal. 

The real Native American looked at the tundra of a land bridge after 40 days and 40 nights, said, “I like it,” and made their way across. The real Native American looked at a tax law and said, “I’m done.” and dumped tea overboard.  Real Native Americans look at the push of foreign ideas encroaching on our lives and yell, “Screw you!” We will express what we want, write what we want, worship how we want, assemble how we want, and we will use whatever means necessary to defend all of it; that includes our loved ones and our close circle of friends. This is America and that’s why we know what we need to do. The hope is that you will follow us to the polls this November.

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