Our Future Relies on the Youngbloods of Conservatism

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New Conservative Voices Speaking Loud and Proud

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Exposure in the social media sector is probably one of the biggest things to ever grace our generation.  Social media itself is a cultural conundrum. Sociologists, behavioral sciences, as well as media communication theorists are all attempting to grasp it’s power.  But in the world we live in it is something we all have to contend with and use as a necessary evil of our day.

That being said, many in the conservative movement are using social media to benefit the values we espouse today.  It is not from the tired-out, gray, wrinkled Conservatives that we know and see in Congress or legacy media. The battle is entirely on the social media field and it will be these young folks and many others like them who will help flip the script, Kanye West not withstanding.  Here are a few of the established cultural icons that we will need to push forward the movement to help our fellow neighbors and citizens.

Martina Markota

Culture is always upstream.  Affect the culture, everything else is affected from music, art, academia, and even politics and government.  So far, the culture of the arts has definitely been “Alinsky’d“, meaning that everything about art today is hyper-sexualized or lacks any semblance of beauty.  Granted, art is subjective but there is a standard of beauty. Sometimes the art must push the boundaries to afford people the chance to think.

Martina Markota is one of those figures pushed out of the NYC art world because of her ideas but her artistry is one that we should all be in support of.  Known for her graphic novel “Lady Alchemy” as well as her burlesque performance art of the same name, she wants to instill that sense of beauty back into the world from a gothic perspective so that it touches on that dark sense we all have.


Will Witt

If ever there was a guy who should be given the award for babyface in the conservative movement, it has to be PragerU’s Will Witt.  Known for his cheeky interviews on college campuses across the US, his topics touch on leftist talking points such as “cultural appropriation,” where he interviews gullible leftist college student activists and foils them with Navajo Indians. He notoriously introduced them to a local Latino community just to show how ridiculous the left is.  Comedic, calm, forthright, intelligent, witty, and subversive to the highest degree, Will Witt of PragerU is definitely someone worth keeping an eye on.

Alex Clark

Firebrand does not adequately describe this spunky new face of conservative pop media.  Alex Clark was a pop radio DJ from Indianapolis who even spoke out loud during one of her radio broadcasts that she voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.  From then on, she continued to rail against the media narrative from her radio show till coming to Turning Point USA with her latest offering on social media, POPlitics.  It’s a brand new Instagram TV (IGTV) show that merges pop culture news with conservative values, without the pop culture propaganda. It’s fresh, fun, and has all the glam you could hope to have from this new up and coming conservative media star. 


The Amazing Lucas

Ready for a Black, graphic animator, gamer, and political commentator with a conservative perspective?  You would question if all those qualities and titles can exist in one person and yet it does if you go on YouTube.  The Amazing Lucas is all that and a bag of chips. He offers perspectives that would cause you to think, as his take on news stories, movies, video games, and current events have quite a different spin on it.

Being a Black American, his take on many of today’s current affairs has a focus on how it will affect Black America. As an avid Trump supporter, he will tell you his mind and is a welcomed voice in the conservative movement, but buckle up when you listen as you might not agree. That’s the beauty of individual thought, conservatives are not a monolith.

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Most likely, you have heard of him.  You probably have seen the video that caused you to jump out of your chair and yell with delight and agreement that made your voice break.  Although you may not know who he is. It is the man who called out a leftist in broad daylight in the middle of Central Park for saying “That’s terrible.” to a Black man wearing a MAGA hat.

KingFace is known as The Conservative Thug.  He supports President Trump 15,0000% and he will lay down the facts regarding Trump’s agenda to anyone who will have him on their radio show or podcasts.  He’s stood up to Black people to their faces and even went off and said, “Do I look like someone you can smack?!” and caused his detractors to dissipate. If there was a man in the conservative movement needs, it’s men like him. Men who know the facts and can spit with the urban flair is what the movement needs!

The Typical Liberal

Don’t let the Instagram handle fool you!  He is not a liberal in the sense of today’s vernacular.  He’s Southern born and bred and loves America, southern home cooking, and making the best memes the internet can afford.  He definitely is making waves when hitting back at the leftist culture. As a well-noted memelord you can be sure that when he hits the ‘gram or Twitter, you can find yourself laughing at the things he posts! He pokes fun at the left with no apologies!

If there was a time to muster up support for people who can hit the ground running and push forward the conservative agenda, it is now. The agenda consists of American excellence determined by the value of ensuring all men who are created equal to grant them the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is these folks and many more who are engaged in social media who will take the conservative movement into the next generation. 

It will take all of us to win the cultural war. It will take all who love America, who love what Trump is doing for the nation. It will take a unity on both the metaphorical ground and air war in order to ensure that we can fight for the soul of the nation. It will be these younger faces that will ensure that fight occurs! It will take warriors such as these fine folks who will help push the tide of evil leftism back and we will need to ensure that we are supporting them for their efforts!

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