Electoral College In 2020: What Conservatives Have To Fear

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The Orwellian Attack on the Soul of America

Exhibit 1:  Electoral Vote Changes and the National Popular Vote (NPV) Bill

State         1980         2020        NPV Passed / Total Votes
Alabama        9             9
Alaska         3             3
Arizona        6             11
Arkansas       8             6
California     45            55           Yes / 55
Colorado       7             9            Yes /  9*  
Connecticut    8             7            Yes /  7
Delaware       3             3            Yes /  3
Dist Of Col    3             3            Yes /  3
Florida        17            29
Georgia        12            16
Hawaii         4             4             Yes /  4
Idaho          4             4
Illinois       26            20            Yes / 20
Indiana        13            11
Iowa           8             6
Kansas         7             6
Kentucky       9             8
Louisiana      10            8
Maine          4             4
Maryland       10            10            Yes / 10 
Massachusetts  14            11            Yes / 11
Michigan       21            16
Minnesota      10            10
Mississippi    7             6
Missouri       12            10
Montana        4             3
Nebraska       5             5
Nevada         3             6
New Hampshire  4             4
New Jersey     17            14             Yes / 14
New Mexico     4             5              Yes  / 5
New York       41            29             Yes / 29
North Carolina 13            15
North Dekota   3             3
Ohio           25            18
Oklahoma       8             7
Oregon         6             7              Yes /  7
Pennsylvania   27            20
Rhode Island   4             4              Yes  / 4
So Carolina    8             9
South Dakota   4             3
Tennessee      10            11
Texas          26            38
Utah           4             6
Vermont        3             3              Yes /  3
Virginia       12            13
Washington     9             12             Yes / 12
West Virginia  6             5
Wisconsin      11            10
Wyoming        3             3 

                                    *Subject to popular vote in 2020

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The National Popular Vote (NPV) bill has been introduced in state legislatures in all 50 states. So far, the total electoral votes of states having passed the NPV Bill is 196. When this total reaches 270 electoral votes, no President will be able to win the US Presidency without also winning the popular vote nationally. This outcome would destroy the electoral college and give big states like California and New York much more power. In fact, the Left would then be able to control the result of a Presidential election by campaigning in only a few large population centers that could outvote the rest of the country.

Electoral College: Blurring the Lines

At the same time Liberals and their allies the Globalists have been blurring the line between citizens and non-citizens. In 2010 the citizenship question was removed from the census, making it more difficult to determine the true number of actual legal citizens in each state. This inflates the number of electoral votes and representatives in the House for states which host many illegal aliens, and correspondingly reduces electoral votes and representatives in the House for states with fewer illegal aliens.

And after the Left abolishes the Electoral College by means of the NPV bill, the effect of skewing representation in favor or Globalist states like California by means of illegal immigration will continue in Congress. The current war between the House and the Senate is a harbinger of what to expect in the future. If current trends continue, individual state governments will have less and less independence in legal and political realms, with less and less power to set individual policies and laws.

Attacks on the Constitution

The current plague of attacks on gun ownership and the Second Amendment, which is being fought against valiantly by the NRA, results from the growing power of this third-rail liberal conspiratorial insurgency. An example of this attack on the Constitution is currently happening in Virginia, where Governor Northam of Virginia is attempting to enforce a gun confiscation plan in the face of a full rebellion in many parts of the state.

Other examples come in the form of constant attacks by liberals on the Bill of Rights (including the 10th Amendment) and on the Constitutional separation of powers of the three branches of the US government. As this process progresses, if it’s allowed to progress, we can unfortunately expect more and more violations of the Bill of Rights, leaving individual states less and less power over policies and laws.

While all of this skulduggery to undermine the electoral college and constitutional representation has been going on, there seems to be a concerted parallel effort by the left to subvert the voting process itself by actively encouraging duplicate voting, vote recruiting, and last minute ballot stuffing. In the 2018 election, examples of this strategy were uncovered in at least three states: North Carolina, California and Florida.

Conflicting Visions Of The Future

The Best Case: The 2020 election will be an historic one, possibly the most historic presidential election in American history. Let’s begin on the optimistic side. In this scenario President Trump wins by a landslide in 2020, wins the popular vote in 2020. In this case the 16 mostly-liberal states that have passed the National Popular Vote bill will be forced to send all of their votes to President Trump! This alone would outrage Liberals, and they might go insane.

But what if, in addition, it can be shown that President Trump would have lost in the Electoral College if not for the NPV law at the same time! I admit this probably won’t happen, but it might be mathematically possible given that most states that have passed the NPV bill vote Democrat. But if it did happen I cannot even imagine the outrage and hypocrisy that would emanate from the Left, Democrats and Globalists.

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The Worst Case: Unfortunately there is a pessimistic side. In the worse possible case for Conservatives, a liberal Democrat becomes President in the 2020 election. Even worse if more states pass the NPV law by November 2020 and President Trump loses the popular vote, but it’s shown he would have won in the Electoral College before NPV. So President Trump is defeated and becomes a one-term President.

Conservatives are demonized and demoralized, maybe Adam Schiff or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes speaker of the House (you never know what could happen). After Lincoln’s election to a second term in 1864, the Democrats (who had failed to defeat an opponent for a second time) had that president assassinated. Will that story happen again?

Next, no doubt in this worst scenario, the new President revives President Obama’s alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, and brings them back into the government. Rashida Tlaib or Ilhan Omar will become ambassador to Israel, business and personal taxes go through the roof, and the economy tanks. After all that, a total gun ban, including cap guns, will no doubt be a minor issue.

May You Live In Interesting Times

If the ongoing efforts to subvert the Constitution, the Electoral College, and the make-up of the Congress were not enough, there is also the ongoing illegitimate effort by the Left to impeach President Trump for no reason. In 2016 Liberals thought they had won the battle to control the country forever; they thought they were finished with their agenda.

Liberals were so very confident during the last laps of the Democrat campaign in 2016 they tried to finish off the assassination of democracy with an attempt to accuse Donald Trump of wanting to stage a violent revolution after his supposed loss in the election. The shock of the last minute failure of their effort must have been unbearable.

Cheaters cheat to win, and while it may be difficult for an honest person who fought and lost to accept that loss, when a cheater fails there is little or no capacity to accept loss; there is only anger. This likely is why there is so much hypocrisy and disloyalty on the Left. It is why the Left cannot stop attacking the President for no reason.

The Second American Revolution

For his entire first term the Left has hounded President Trump. Over and over again they have tried to prove his disloyalty but only succeeded in proving their own. They have tried to prove his dishonesty, but have only succeeded in proving their own. They have tried to prove his hypocrisy, but have only succeeded in proving their own.

Does our electoral process still have the integrity to withstand the assault? Will enough voters wake up to the ongoing attempts to subvert voting? Will enough voters wake up to the ongoing attempts to subvert the Constitution? Will the Electoral College be abolished before the 2020 election takes place? Will Liberal attempts at cheating at the ballot box be stopped? Only time will tell. We are all living in an action movie, a second American Revolution is taking place in 2020.

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